Scenes from a YouTube video in which a Tweed teenager is filmed in a tumble dryer.
Scenes from a YouTube video in which a Tweed teenager is filmed in a tumble dryer. Tweed Daily News

Risking death in YouTube tumble

A TWEED teenager seen spinning around inside a clothes dryer in a YouTube video could have been killed or seriously injured, paramedics say.

The 13-second online video, titled Cody Duncan in a dryer at Tweed Heads Australia, shows the teen sitting in a large tumble dryer.

Watch the clip on YouTube.

Another boy is filming and turns the dryer on before 'Cody' starts spinning around inside the machine.

The person recording the stunt is heard singing 'Round and round in circles', and laughing as his mate tumbles upside down in the large stainless steel dryer.

Les Majoros from the Ambulance Service of NSW said the youth in the dryer was risking his life.

"There is real potential for serious injuries or even death from such an activity," Mr Majoros said.

The amateur video, uploaded to the popular website on July 10, is just one of many clips from around the world showing people climbing into clothes dryers.

Dr Karen Brooks, associate media professor at Southern Cross University, said people who indulged in risk-taking behaviour craved attention and usually received 'kudos' from their peers.

"I don't know if mobile phones and YouTube have increased the incidence of these dangerous stunts, but they have given them an audience," Dr Brooks said.

Les Trathen, owner of Tweed Heads Ezy Laundry Mat, said the video may have been filmed at his business, which uses stainless steel dryers.

"I don't know whether it was done here, it's hard to say," Mr Trathen said.

"We are not here all the time, it is a self-service business."

Mr Trathen said his wife arrived at the Laundromat one day to find a little boy inside one of the dryers.

"My wife saw a boy and his sister playing in a tumble dryer but it wasn't spinning," he said.

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