A screenshot from the last virtual Tweed Shire Council meeting.
A screenshot from the last virtual Tweed Shire Council meeting. Jessica Lamb

BREAKING: Decision handed down on opening beach car parks



Council has moved into confidential matters.


Beach side car parks and roads will be re-opened after a unanimous vote from councillors.


Cr Cherry has moved the recommendation to cease all temporary beach car parks and road closures except for Letitia Rd which has previously been approved for closure until 30 June 2020.

Cr Cherry thanked the community for their cooperation and said it was now time to re-open the car parks.

Mayor Milne recognised there had been a significant amount of angst in the community after the closure as well as before.

"It was a tricky situation, there was no perfect solution," she said.

Mayor Milne said after the Gold Coast closed their beaches, there was no other option with the amount of people who would have come down from the Gold Coast.

She said council should be proud that it took a quick proactive and precautionary approach right from the start.


Agenda items 15.1, 15.2, 16.1 16.2, 16.4 will all be voted for in a block.

They passed unanimously.

For more details read Saturday's edition of the Tweed Daily News and watch our website.


The ordinary council meeting has begun.

There were no disclosures of interest.


Councillors unanimously voted to note the March 2020 Variations to Development Standards under State Environmental Planning Policy No. 1 - Development Standards.

The planning committee has concluded.


An amended motion passed to defer the Kingscliff Locality Plan decision until the next planning meeting on June 4 due to the lengthy in-depth discussion.

This will allow for a workshop to be held for councillors on the topic before the next meeting.

The votes carried 6 to 1 Cr Allsop voted against.

Cr Allsop brought up there has been nine days for issues to have been brought up - and they have not.

Cr Owen said he was "staggered" these conversation have not been already had.

Cr Ron said it was best to get things right now rather than when a development application came in the future which was the exception to the rule.


Councillors have entered a heated discussion about the exact requirements of building heights as dictated in the Kingscliff Locality Plan.


Councillors have voted unanimously to give those behind the Planning Proposal PP16/0004 Palms Village Caravan Park 90 more days to address all outstanding issues.

Council's general manager will also delegate or investigate any unauthorised works and determine appropriate penalty if the investigation reveals there is evidence to do so.

The Planning Proposal PP16/0004 for Palms Shopping Village, Dry Dock Rd at Tweed Heads seeks to rezone the site from R2 Low Density Residential to RE2 Private Recreation.

The Tweed Daily understands if passed, this will allow the caravan park to build a community hall, pool, bowling green and car park.

The site lies opposite Terranora Creek and adjoins the existing Palms Village Caravan Park on its eastern boundary and a Lagoon connected to Terranora Creek immediately to the west.

The council's agenda report states: "The planning proposal seeks to allow a range of uses ancillary to the operation of the Palms Village Caravan Park.

"The proposal is supported by a planning agreement which prohibits the construction of any habitable dwellings on the site.

"The outcome is considered to be suitable to enable to ongoing operation of the caravan park and a suitable use of the land."

For more visit the Tweed Daily News website later this week or pick up a copy of Wednesday's paper.


The motion to adopt the Rural Land Strategy has passed four votes to three.

Cr Allsop, Owen and Polglase voted against.


Cr Ron Cooper said after a previous lack of consultation the rural land holders in the community had lost trust in their council. 

He seconded Cr Allsop's concerns.

"Are we going to listen to landholders or say 'this is what you should have', 'this is what you are going to get'?" Cr Cooper said.

Mayor Milne said she appreciated it had been a long and difficult process as there were "controversial items" in the strategy.

She said everyone in the community appreciated, were invested, loved and wanted to care for the Tweed's rural lands. 

"We shouldn't shy away from controversial discussion," mayor Milne said.

"We did listen sensibly (to stakeholders)... but we must acknowledge it is not a united bunch. There are various views and opinions across the rural landholders as well. And this is why we have not gone down sub division path."

She said the council had improved the document, amended it, tweaked it and clarified things to be investigated to see if they were viable or not.

"Staff and councillors have no ulterior motive, all of us support the rural industry. I don't think it is fair to say they should loose trust in us," Mayor Milne said.

She believed the document was a balance between rural aspirations and the environment and was a "compromise".

Cr Reece Byrnes said he understood Cr Allsop's position and would be open t discussing it in the future but believed "we have to get this going otherwise it will continue to stagnate with differing views".

"We need to get it out there and get people looking at it," he said.

Cr Cherry agreed the coronavirus crisis had "made all of us think about local food and local economy much more".

She said there were actions in the strategy were there to strengthen local food production and agriculture.


Councillor Chris Cherry has moved to adopt the controversial Rural Land Strategy, it was seconded by Mayor Milne.

Cr Cherry said she was "incredibly proud" of the document and acknowledged it had been a "difficult path" to get to this vote.

"I hope the community can see how far we have come and how many amazing actions are in there," she said.

She highlighted actions 47, 55, 67, 81, 83, 84 and 85 as stand out points.

She said of the three main concerns the Tweed Canegrowers Association had raised, two had been addressed and recommended the last to be referred to the flood plain management committee.

Cr Pryce Allsop said he was going to stand with the rural land owners he had been speaking with and not support the document.

Tweed Shire Council virtual planning committee and ordinary meeting on May 7.
Tweed Shire Council virtual planning committee and ordinary meeting on May 7. Jessica Lamb

He said it seemed 'bizarre' a landowner could have six sheds on a property and put tractors in them but none of them could have a person living in them.

"I support (rural landowners') vision about what they want prioritized," he said.

"Look at what has recently happened to us with the COVID- 19 virus, instead of only having two people on a farm you could have family members live on a property together and strengthen our families.

"(The pandemic) has been a sad but amazing exercise to see we need to better prepare our country and the Tweed.

"Having more than one couple on a farm to me is essential, not a lucky option, and something we need to look at. Whether it is farm stay or whatever... I think we should support a greater number of homes on rural properties."


The meeting has begun.  

Tweed mayor Katie Milne read the aboriginal statement.  

Daniel Christie said a prayer.  

All councillors are present and there are no disclosures of interest.


Today's Tweed Shire Council's Planning Committee Meeting is about to begin

It will be followed immediately by the ordinary council meeting.

Points to be discussed include the adoption of the controversial Rural Land Strategy which has undergone a significant amount of public consultation as well as variations to the State Environmental Planning development standards and adoption of the Kingscliff Locality Plan and Development Control Plan.

A planning proposal for Palms Village Caravan Park and a development application for a dual occupancy on Sleepy Hollow Rd, Sleepy Hollow are also on the agenda.

The meeting is 'virtual' with councillors using videoconferencing from remote locations and live-streaming the meeting as it is closed physically to the public as a coronavirus safety measures. 

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