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RTA silence is deafening

RESIDENTS of Shallow Bay Cove want the RTA to hear first-hand how loud the traffic noise will be in their gated community once the Banora Point Upgrade is complete.

The residents of the duplex complex at the end of Trigonie Drive, Tweed Heads South already sleep with their windows closed to limit the noise off the existing highway, and believe the planned elevated roadway, which will be 17 metres tall, will only make things worse.

“My place is only about 150 metres from the existing highway, so you can already see the street lights from my backyard and the incessant noise is a constant annoyance,” said resident Adam Wilson.

“It doesn't take much to imagine the extra noise when the new highway will be built a lot higher than the current road - it will be louder and travel further.

“Also in the environmental assessment (EA) that has just been approved by the State Government there will be no noise walls nearby to limit the amount of noise.”

Mr Wilson contacted The Tweed Daily News yesterday on behalf of the residents of the 64-unit complex that is home to mainly retirees and young families who are concerned about a lack of consultation from the RTA about the $310 million upgrade that is expected to ease traffic congestion and accidents on Sexton Hill.

A group of 12 residents met with The Tweed Daily News yesterday to express their concerns about noise levels and called on the State Gov- ernment to consider noise abatement for their street and complex.

“The RTA considered the noise levels in Triton Street, which is one street closer to the highway in their EA, but they didn't think about our street,” said fellow resident Maggie Rodgers.

“Maybe they still think this area is still a chicken farm like it was years ago?

“We know that the complex is built near a highway, but traffic has increased since we all moved in six years ago and it is going to get worse with the new road which is going to tower over the area.

“We should be offered some sort of noise abatement, because the problem is only going to get worse.”

A spokesperson from the RTA failed to respond to The Tweed Daily News'questions yesterday, but another Shallow Bay Cove resident David Clarke said he would like to know when noise monitoring at the complex, promised by the RTA, will go ahead?

“I went down to the RTA display of the EA when it was at Tweed City Shopping Centre and twice, when I pointed out our complex was not covered in the EA, I was promised sound monitoring would be done in our area before the EA was approved,” he said.

“But there has never been any sound monitoring in our street.”

An animated fly-over of the Banora Point Upgrade is online at

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