Letters to the editor: Safety shouldn’t run second

READ with disgust in (DN 15/2) statement by Cr Polglase about artefacts found at Kirkwood Rd.

I number myself with those Cr Polglase refers to as an "average Joe".

If those who identify as indigenous want to search for artefacts they should do so at their own expense.

It seems according to this council artefacts take priority over human safety.

I refer to the council's decision to channel all traffic from the proposed development in Cudgen through Collier and Crescent Sts. Collier St, which contains pine trees over 90 years old planted in memory of men who lost their lives in WWI also caters for the Cudgen Public School with over 170 pupils. Crescent St has trees planted in memory of those who did not return from WW2.

With many hidden driveways Crescent St is carrying more than its share of traffic. Cr Polglase may recall at the council access meeting in November last year he and other councillors were given reasons and photos explaining why using Collier and Crescent Sts for this development is unsatisfactory and dangerous.

Developers should access their estate via their own road running east parallel with lower Crescent St with no right turn into Crescent St at no cost to ratepayers.

This council has no problem throwing $1m of not theirs but ratepayers' money in search of artefacts, but chooses to ignore the safety and wellbeing of a majority.

One million dollars would help repair a lot of run-down streets in this shire.

Carl Redman



Caravan park not the answer

HOW will a low-key caravan park on Lot 490 solve the future open-space problems of our fast-growing community?

The 11,000 residents and visitors who have signed the Lot 490 petition know what's ahead for us - crowded parks, congested car parking and residential streets becoming de-facto parking lots.

Tweed Council agrees and has resolved to keep Lot 490 as public parkland if the State Government allows it to do so.

The Lot 490 petition will continue to grow as more residents realise what the future holds.

We are not going away. Floating ineffective ideas to keep us quiet won't work. And don't even dream about multi-storey car parks on the beachfront, Mr Provest.

Ron Cooper


Let's not lose Tweed's charm

IT SEEMS we have mindless councillors as well as mindless bureaucrats.

What happened to the age-old convention of leaving long-established non-conforming but popular roadside stalls - that were established well before new rules were introduced, like that of Mike and Sue Yarrow - to continue as before?

What about keeping Tweed Shire a charming, vital, interesting place to visit, in line with Destination Tweed objectives?

"Dullsville", where no one is about, is no reputation to have; that will keep everyone out.

Mature people are informed by the principle "Rules are for the good guidance of wise men and the meek obedience of fools".

One possibly vexatious complaint is not at all representative of the general local attitude.

Was the complainant invited to show whether others might feel the same way before rigidly invoking some obscure rules?

If not, why not? What sort of society do we want our community to be and is this the way to bring it about?

Jim Berting


Pro-CSG agenda totally rejected

FAILED Nationals candidate Matthew Fraser needs to accept that he convincingly lost the Federal Election.

We, the majority, rejected his pro-CSG agenda and thankfully we did because the Liberals and the Nationals can't be trusted on CSG.

This month we have learnt that donations from the CSG industry to the Nationals have increased 10-fold in the last four years.

We also found out that Nationals leader Andrew Stoner has done a special deal with Santos to allow them to frack the Pilliga forest for CSG.

Even if Matthew Fraser is successful in orchestrating a coup d'etat to replace Geoff Provest as the Tweed LNP candidate for the 2015 state election, the LNP will fail.

The majority of voters will never support the LNP's toxic pro-CSG policies in our region or, for that matter, in our state.

Paula Murray


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