A still from Peter Garrett's appearance on Lateline, October 13, 2015.
A still from Peter Garrett's appearance on Lateline, October 13, 2015.

Saffin asks ex-ministers to "shut up" after new Rudd lashing

PAGE Labor candidate Janelle Saffin has hit back at Peter Garrett after the former Environment Minister publicly criticised his old boss, Kevin Rudd.

Mr Garrett has made headlines this week after the release of a book that attacks the former Prime Minister for dumping him after the infamous home insulation scheme, introduced as part of the stimulus package to combat the global financial crisis, led to the deaths of four people.

Mr Garrett has repeatedly lashed out at Mr Rudd over this week, describing him as a "megalomaniac" in an interview with Channel 7 on Sunday night and standing by them in an interview with the ABC's Emma Alberici on Lateline last night.

"When I went back to write my account as honestly as I could, I found that Rudd's behaviour was appalling and it was destructive," Mr Garrett told Alberici.

Is there anything left to say about the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd era?

This poll ended on 21 October 2015.

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Yes. It unearthed some appalling aspects of the Labor Party and Australian politics that haven't yet been resolved.


No - but it's fun to watch former members of that government beat up on each other.


No and rehashing it over and over doesn't help anyone. Move on and get back to work.


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"He effectively tore down a leader of the Labor Party, someone I had a great deal of respect for: Julia Gillard. And his behaviour was difficult, other than through the lens of self-interest, to predict. And from my perspective, as I reflect on that in the book, that's the conclusion that I come to."

Mr Rudd's office has accused Mr Garrett of attacking the former Prime Minister in an attempt to sell more copies of his new book.

Responding on Facebook to Mr Garrett's appearance on Lateline, Ms Saffin, a prominent supporter of Mr Rudd, said it was time for former Labor ministers to move on.

"Peter Garrett says Kevin Rudd tore down Julia Gillard someone he liked," Ms Saffin wrote in her post.

"So for him it is all personal. What did Julia Gillard do to Kevin Rudd but more pointedly to the Australian Government and the Labor Party?

"I wished they would all just shut up. We self immolated and it is time to stop writing books..."

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