Sattler heads for hills

FORMER NRL hardman turned Tweed boxer Scott Sattler showed there’s plenty of fight left in the old dog yet, scoring an impressive points victory over Brisbane brut Anthony Fowler at the Gold Coast Convention Centre on Saturday.

The 38-year-old Pottsville resident out-punched, out-manoeuvred, outlasted and ultimately outshone the more experienced Fowler (2-2, 1KO), over four of the most entertaining rounds on Jamie Myer’s Battle of the Codes fight night.

However, Sattler yesterday said it will be the first and last time he laces up the red gloves, making him one of the few boxers to exit the game with a perfect record.

“I’ve still got a banging headache,” Sattler said.

“It was something I’ve been wanting to do for years and was everything I expected and more.

“I can’t remember nerves like I had last night. That feeling when you climb through the ropes and realise it’s just you and one other guy in there, and only one of you is coming out a winner.

“There’s no chance of another trip to the ring ... well, not at a professional level anyway.”

Despite only entering the Tweed Stingrays Gym six months ago, Sattler looked the better boxer throughout the heavyweight showdown.

He was the busier fighter from the outset, stinging Fowler with several body shots, overwhelming him with the amount of punches thrown and seemingly backing him up against the ropes at will.

However, Sattler admits when he did get tagged, he knew about it.

“One of those big shots tripped me up a bit,” he said.


In the main event, Les Sherrington was made to work hard and go the distance to retain his WBF and PABA super middleweight belts against veteran Nader Hamden.

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