BOB Anthony says farewell after serving the Tweed Community produly for the past 23 years.
BOB Anthony says farewell after serving the Tweed Community produly for the past 23 years. Tweed Daily News

Say I worked for the Tweed

WELL folks, the full-time whistle has sounded and it's time for me to hang up my sports writing boots at the Tweed Daily News.

Sometimes you don't always get the ref's call going your way but as a sports person you have to abide by it.

I've had a tremendous run at the Tweed Daily News over the past 23 years, starting out as a cadet, going through the sub-editing ranks to chief sub, then switching over to being everything in the newsrooms from news editor, chief of staff, advertising writer and sports editor - a gig which I have enjoyed for the past four years.

I've been very fortunate to be able to work and live in a place where I was born and not too many can do that, but to be able to enjoy coming to work because of the people you work with, and for, is a rare privilege indeed.

Over the years, I have worked with some great people in all areas of the newspaper and have seen some great talent pass through the doors of the Daily.

To have good people around has helped get through some tough times as well as making the good even better.

I've enjoyed everything I've done at the paper - made a few mistakes along the way - but have tried to do the best I could.

But there's one thing which has made my time here all the better and that's the people I work for.

I'm not talking about the management of the Tweed Newspaper Company nor the head honchos in APN at Brisbane but the people of the Tweed.

I'm proud of where I come from and I have been able to share that pride with so many people by covering their achievements.

The past four years in sport have been some of the best and I would just like to thank all the players, athletes, coaches, administrators, organisers, supporters and parents who I have dealt with - you have all made this job something to look forward to every day.

The Tweed is a great place and I make no apologies for being pretty parochial at times.

We have plenty to be proud of here, on and off the sporting fields, and I know that will continue on.

To all the readers who have put up with my ramblings over the years, thanks, I hope you found something you liked.

I'm leaving this role in very capable hands with Jamie Gallagher.

He is as passionate about sport as I am and has shown himself to be a very capable and promising journalist and I hope that you in the sporting community give him the same support you have shown me.

Good luck to all our juniors in their future careers, good luck to everyone who takes to the training tracks, sports fields, swimming pools, surf, bowls green or rifle ranges or whatever sport facility it may be.

I hope to be around the traps and maybe finally be able to catch up with you for that much promised drink.

Again thanks to the Tweed Daily, the staff and to you, the readers for giving me such a great ride so far.

Cheers, Bob Anthony

The Tweed Daily News , and in particular the sports department, would like to wish Bob Anthony the best of luck in his future endeavours.

We have been most fortunate to work with such a passionate Tweed stalwart and the expertise and local knowledge he has brought to the newspaper will be sorely missed.

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