Joy Mingay (left) and Rosie Kent from Classic Recruitment have a chuckle at the lack of professionalism on the resumes of some recent school leavers.
Joy Mingay (left) and Rosie Kent from Classic Recruitment have a chuckle at the lack of professionalism on the resumes of some recent school leavers. Dave Noonan

School leavers offered job tips

CLASS of 2011 beware - what might be hilarious and cool with your high school friends might not be appropriate when applying for a job.

Over the past month, Joy Mingay from Classic Recruitment in Toowoomba has seen an influx of school leavers all keen and eager to secure their first job after school and take their first step to greatness. Well, some of them anyway, according to Mrs Mingay.

If the current crop of school leavers are serious about securing their first job, Mrs Mingay said they needed to start acting like adults when applying for a position.

"To be honest, randyrover, sexkitten, blondebimbo69 and stoner dude are not appropriate email addresses in the business world," Mrs Mingay said.

"It is free to create an email account with a more professional email address."

She said another trap school leavers fell into when presenting their resumes was they still believed they were in high school talking to their friends.

"Use correct English for starters. That means use spelling and grammar like an adult. It's a resume, not a text message.

"If you are applying for an administration position, I don't want to know that you love Chinese food, unless of course you are applying for a job in a Chinese restaurant," she said.

In the age of social media, Mrs Mingay said that Facebook had brought some people looking to secure a position undone.

"Yes, employers do check up on you via Facebook. I once found out a candidate had spent the night in the lock-up. No, she did not get the job," Mrs Mingay said.

"How do you want people to perceive you? I do not want to know how drunk you got last night, or how tiny your bikini is or what your friends think of you for that matter.

"Look at the privacy settings so your Facebook account is not accessible to others," Mrs Mingay said.

Speaking of technology, Mrs Mingay said a prospective employer may actually want to call you at some stage.

"Remember employers may want to ring you. A voicemail message stating that you are out trawling for hot girls or boys may be hilarious to your friends, but isn't for an employer," Mrs Mingay said.

"Sound interested on the phone, not like you have just got out of bed.

"And finally, if you want the job, change your social plans and make yourself available. A prospective employer doesn't care that you promised to go to the coast with your boy/girlfriend," she said.



  • Do your research, find out about the company. Google is a very informative tool.
  • Get yourself organised and get there early. You don't want to be stressing out because you can't find a car park.
  • Be nice to the receptionist upon arrival. Don't think for one minute she won't talk to the boss as soon as you leave.
  • Nervous? Take a deep breath and mentally calm yourself while you are waiting. You will be fine.



  • Girls, do not show all your cleavage unless you are applying for a job at the Playboy mansion. Guys, employers don't want to see your tattoos or Mitch Dowd boxers.
  • No doubt your clothes look great clubbing on a Saturday night and you have everyone drooling over you, but don't wear your clubbing clothes to an interview.
  • Did you party too hard at the weekend? Don't turn up looking like a train wreck. Cover up the hickeys and scrub off the door stamps.
  • Don't go to an interview with your pack of ciggies or mobile phone. Unless you are a brain surgeon on call, turn your phone off or leave it in the car.

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