Wolves suffer scoreboard savaging

KINGSCLIFF Wolves stalwart Col Ashton is concerned the club's recent on-field struggles may take a toll on the players.

Major supporters of the bid to secure a Gold Coast Premier League spot for conglomerate entity Tweed Valley Kings, the Wolves released their best players to the cause.

The submission was successful but Kingscliff Soccer Club is still to recover from the player drain.

The Wolves have a 34-man roster but the reality is that the side is made up of those new to the senior ranks and those looking for some Masters action.

As a result, the First Division outfit has managed just one win from nine attempts and lie one spot from the bottom with the worst for and against record in the league (-46).

“You can sense that some of the boys are starting to get a little dejected,” Ashton said.

“But who wants to get hammered each week?

“We knew it would be a hard year for us because at the moment we're not a first division side and we shouldn't be here.

“To all the guys credit they're sticking with it for their club, so that we can keep a presence and rebuild again next season.

“We'll battle on, we've just got to keep it all together for now.”

The Wolves' woes continued on Tuesday night when they were again savaged on the scoreboard, this time at the hands of local rivals Tweed Heads.

In an entertaining first half, both teams created chances but could not break the deadlock.

The second half was a different story with Tweed Heads winning 5-0 against a tiring Wolves outfit.

“We were right in it until the break but we must have cooled down too much in the sheds,” Ashton said. “It's the same old story for us; we're good for a half but that's about it.

“I'm 41-years-old and I can tell you it's bloody tiring for us old fellows to chase around after 18 to 20-year-olds and when we're spent, silly mistakes start to creep in.”

The veteran footballer said the club will be using their bye weekend to rest some “weary old legs,” and to practice a bit of team drinking.

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