Nicole McLachlan has just returned from maintaining awareness of dolphin slaughter in Japan.
Nicole McLachlan has just returned from maintaining awareness of dolphin slaughter in Japan. Blainey Woodham

SCU student battles dolphin kill

THE Academy Award-winning 2009 film The Cove inspired concerns about mass dolphin slaughter in Japan.

Since then 20 year old Tweed woman Nicole McLachlan with group nicknamed the Cove Guardians has battled to maintain publicity around Japan's national annual target of 23,000 dolphins hunted and eaten.

She returned from coastal town Taiji today and gave an example of the last day of the slaughter-season on Sunday.

"There was a pod of 25 strip dolphins," Ms McLachlan said.

"When they come in to the cove they jump on the rocks - they're so frantic and confused.

"You don't actually see the physical slaughter, but every so often tarps covering the water will fly up and you see enough.

"It's pretty horrific for someone who's wanted to spend her whole life protecting them.

"It's horrific to be there but at the same time something has to be done about it."

The dolphin hunting season stretches from September to March and Ms McLachlan's first with the guardians was from December to March last year.

Her second this year was hampered by $3 million worth of security the government had provided to manage the campaigners who simply record what happens and broadcast it through whatever means.

The Southern Cross University marine science student said the slaughter had been going for hundreds of years.

"We just apply pressure by taking photos, though if we were to break the law we'd be put on a plane pretty quickly."

"We want to make it as uncomfortable as possible for the ISANA Fishing Union to do business in Taiji," Ms McLachlan said.

Next year she hopes to attend the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.

"The last time this conference happened was 20 years ago.

"With the amount of destruction that's happened during that time it's fitting for the younger generation, who will live to see the consequences, to be there.

"We need to reverse the mistakes of the past."

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