Security guard has brawl solution

MURWILLUMBAH father, security guard Brad Dorney, has seen and heard enough of violent fights - but he has a solution.

Two of his sons, Troy 30 and Shawn 24, were with their Pottsville flatmate Andrew Houlahan in the early hours of last Sunday when the 23-year-old was allegedly punched by a 21-year-old Gold Coast man who has since been charged with manslaughter.

Shawn was also a mate of an off-duty police officer severely bashed in Coolangatta at night last year.

His other son, Brandon, 30, was left in a coma for two weeks and suffers from a permanent loss of taste and smell, plus frustration after he was bashed on leaving a Murwillumbah hotel two years ago.

Another Murwillumbah man, machinery operator Raymond Gary Mitchell, 31, was this week sentenced to three years jail and ordered to serve a non-parole period of two years for the bashing, near the town clock in Murwillumbah's main street in 2007.

Then there are all the incidents Mr Dorney has seen as a security guard.

Mr Dorney says the fights are mostly “a male testosterone thing with a bit of alcohol and a few women around”.

His solution: Police should sit outside “known trouble spots” at closing time.

“The only thing is to get more coppers on the street,” he warned yesterday.

“They say there is a strong police presence, so why aren't they onto these trouble spots?

“I've done security work of 18 years. If you know there is a trouble spot, you just concentrate on it.”

Tweed Byron police commander superintendent Michael Kenny, however, says that is exactly what police have been doing for years.

“If time permits, police will do patrols and sit outside or down the road from pubs at closing times,” Supt Kenny said. “At times that is not able to be done because of other jobs.”

Supt Kenny said licensing police were also enforcing new State Government restrictions which placed various limits on serving times for alcohol after midnight.

Mr Dorney yesterday however was full of praise for detectives, especially Detective Sergeant Greg Moroney, who led the investigation into Brandon Dorney's bashing.

“He started from virtually nothing. He did a great job and battled on against all odds,” said Mr Dorney.

In Lismore District Court this week Judge James Black jailed Raymond Gary Mitchell for causing severe head injuries to Brandon Dorney. Mitchell had pleaded guilty to maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm.

The court was told Mr Dorney had an argument with his former defacto Kym Wright earlier that day and a later disagreement about his car in a phone conversation with her mother Janelle Wright of Condong.

Mr Dorney recalled telling Mrs Wright “I just want my car back you old cow”.

Later that night he left a hotel where Mitchell had also been drinking and was attacked as he walked along the street.

In a statement to police he said his now-former defacto Kym “told me I was bashed by Raymond Mitchell following a discussion at her mother's home that night about getting me”.

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