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Selena Gomez 'absolutely' questioned sexuality

SELENA Gomez has "absolutely" questioned her sexuality.

The 'Come and Get It' hitmaker - who was previously in an on/off romance with Justin Bieber and also dated Nick Jonas - thinks it "healthy" to "challenge" herself to discover who she really is.

Asked if she'd ever questioned her sexuality, she said: "Oh, I think everybody does, no matter who they are.

"I do, yeah, of course. Absolutely. I think it's healthy to gain a perspective on who you are deep down, question yourself and challenge yourself; it's important to do that."

The 23-year-old star also admitted she "loved it" when she was rumoured to be dating bisexual model Cara Delevingne last year.

She told PrideSource: "I loved it. I didn't mind it. Especially because they weren't talking about other people in my life for once, which was wonderful. Honestly, though, she's incredible and very open and she just makes me open.

"She's so fun and she's just extremely adventurous, and sometimes I just want that in my life, so I didn't mind it. I loved it."

The 'Good For You' singer loves having dance parties with her close friend Taylor Swift, no matter where they are.

She said: "Taylor and I literally will have mini dance parties with all of her dancers who are 100 percent gay - and it's the best feeling ever! It is so fun, and we just lose our minds... In New York! On tour! Backstage! The whole thing."

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