Serial flasher requests parole

A SERIAL flasher who most recently exposed himself to a seven-year-old girl playing in the sand on a Sunshine Coast beach is arguing for his release on parole.

Clifford John Candy told Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday that he was refused parole because he had not completed a required course.

He said he had now finished that course and only had six months left before the full term of his sentence expired.

"The whole process is dragging on," he said.

Catherine Scott, acting for the Southern Queensland Regional Parole Board, said in light of the course completion, she would consult with her client to see if the board would agree to sit on Candy's case again.

She said if they would assess the parole case again, then the court application would not need to go ahead.

Candy has exposed himself in public 19 times over a decade - exposing himself to young children at a video store, a shopping centre and using a flashlight to direct one child to look at him in the dark while standing in his garage.

In 2001 Candy was convicted of exposing himself to motorists as he stood alongside of the Sunshine Motorway on-ramp.

Candy was sentenced to 2.5 years when he pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court last year to exposing himself at Marcoola Beach on October 30, 2011.

After exposing himself to the young girl, he moved into sand dunes, stripped naked and bared his manhood to "all and sundry" on a heavily populated stretch of beach.

Candy tried to argue he liked to wave his genitals around "like a flag" in front of people to overcome fears of being seen naked and to feed his adrenalin addiction.

Ms Scott said she would alert Candy if the parole board would sit again.

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