Stephen Keen next to his van advertising his adult business.
Stephen Keen next to his van advertising his adult business. Peter King

Sex shop van parking ban

BYRON Bay sex shop owner Stephen Keen has accused Woolworths of discrimination after he says his car, which advertises his business, was banned from their supermarket carpark in Mullumbimby

But Woolworths claims their only objection to Mr Keen was that he was leaving his vehicle for too long in their carpark.

Mr Keen from Krystal Adult World says he was shocked to receive a phone call from a Brisbane-based Woolworths employee on Tuesday advising his vehicle was not welcome in their Mullumbimby carpark and threatening to call the police if he didn't comply.

The Woolies employee claimed they had received complaints from the public about his car.

Although she did not explain the nature of the objections, Mr Keen assumed it was because he advertises his adult business on the side of his car.

Mr Keen said he was being discriminated against despite running a legal business.

"I thought someone was playing a prank on me," Mr Keen said.

"I've done nothing wrong. "What do I have to do, put a cover over my vehicle before I go in there?"

Mr Keen admitted that after shopping at the supermarket, he sometimes left his car for hours in the carpark for safekeeping while he conducted business elsewhere in the town.

"But there's no sign against it," he said.

However, Woolies spokesman Benedict Brook, while acknowledging there was no signage against lengthy stays, said their staff member had only requested that Mr Keen use their carpark for "a more reasonable amount of time".

"In this instance, our store staff had noticed a vehicle parked repeatedly for long periods of time, sometimes for up to 10 hours a day," Mr Brook said.

"We treated this person as we would any customer found to have parked for extended periods of time on multiple occasions."

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