Shark Hunter warns of Attack

Shark hunter warns next shark attack "three weeks away"

A SHARK hunter has warned there will be another shark attack in the next three weeks.

Tweed Heads fisherman Joel Merchant told The Daily Mail another shark attack is imminent as water temperatures drop and food sources increase.

"It's started to cool down now so the mullet and salmons are working their way north as well as the whales.

"Within another three weeks, [they'll] be munching on surfers in Ballina and the northern NSW coast," he said.

After 10 years hunting sharks, Mr Merchant has been forced to pull the pin on his business.

He warns less shark hunters means more predators.

"There's no pressure on sharks. No one fishes for them, everyone fishes for everything else and no one touches the sharks. There's plenty of good food source for them and they continue to breed."

Mr Merchant blamed increasing licence fees and a weight restriction on how much shark he is allowed to catch for the demise of his business.

He said several years ago the former Queensland government brought in legislation that stopped hunters from hauling in sharks more than 1.5m long and this left sharks open to breed more, increasing their population.

So far this year there has been nine shark attacks in Australia including four in New South Wales, one in Queensland and one in Western Australia on Tuesday.

Ben Gerring is in a critical condition in a Perth hospital after his leg was severed in a shark attack while surfing off a beach in Mandurah.

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