Single Fin Classic at Burleigh

THE Burleigh Boardriders Club in association with Surfing Queensland will host the annual Honolua Burleigh Boardriders Single Fin Classic at Burleigh Point this weekend.

It is the first surfing competition of the New Year, with 96 competitors reverting back to retro boards of the pre1985 era.

Originally known as the Peter Roberts memorial back in 1997, the event has now evolved into Australia’s premier single-fin comp.

Back in 1981, North Narrabeen surfer/shaper Simon Anderson single-handedly changed the face of surfing design for ever with his creation of the three-fin thruster model and winning the Rip Curl Easter Pro at Bells Beach in five-metre waves, yet it took more than a couple of years for the new thruster to take over completely.

Single fins had ruled surfing prior to Simons’ revolution and Burleigh Point has seen some of the most progressive surfing on singles. The Burleigh Boardriders Single Fin event is more than just a contest.

It’s a celebration of surfing and its colourful history of the single fin as seen at Burleigh Point.

A veritable surf museum of boards waxing lyrically with old and new surfing legends having a bit of fun from tomorrow into Sunday’s finals.

Preceding the competition will be the annual Burleigh Boardriders Single fin charity day at the Burleigh Bears League Club today.

For tickets to the Fundraiser $100 each, contact Burleigh President Edward Lindores on 0413 757 551 or VP Ash Humphreys on 0439 762 018.

The cost is $70 which includes a T-shirt.

To enter the comp, contact SQ on 5520 1165 or visit to

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