Skateboard 'thrill' bashings

In Ballina, Robbie Moon, who was the victim of skateboard bashing on Missingham bridge, is calling for witnesses to come forward. Mireille Merlet-Shaw
In Ballina, Robbie Moon, who was the victim of skateboard bashing on Missingham bridge, is calling for witnesses to come forward. Mireille Merlet-Shaw

ROB Moon woke up in hospital battered and bruised thinking he must have had one almighty stack on his pushbike.

And maybe it was the concussion, but as the week went on he kept having these weird dreams about being attacked by two guys with a skateboard as he rode over Ballina's Missingham Bridge.

It was silly. Nothing was had been stolen when he came to in hospital and, besides, who would attack him?

It wasn't until the following Saturday, when he picked up The Weekend Star and read about another man was attacked, without provocation, at Ballina by two men wielding a skateboard like a club that he realised his strange "dream" wasn't a dream at all.

Yesterday, a week after he was bashed and left lying unconscious and bleeding on the footpath at Missingham Bridge, Mr Moon conceded he was still a bit sketchy on exactly what happened last Tuesday afternoon. He has no idea who attacked him or why.

What he remembers is riding over the bridge towards town. As he accelerated on the bridge's downhill run he saw two men (he can't describe them beyond that), one of them holding a skateboard.

One of the men called out: "Have you got a spare cigarette?"

Mr Moon replied: "No, sorry mate."

"Next thing you know, I have been belted by a skateboard and I'm face-down on the concrete," he said.

Mr Moon suspects he was unconscious before he hit the ground, because there are none of the scratches on his hands you would expect on a conscious person who fell off his bike.

The attack left Mr Moon needing several stitches. His right eye was hit at some point and his vision through it remains fuzzy, although he expects it will come good eventually.

The unusual nature of the attacks has police worried.

The attack on Mr Moon on Tuesday afternoon and the attack on Thursday night appear to have been random. With no theft motive, it appears to be violence for violence's sake. Violence for fun.

Richmond Local Area Command duty officer, Inspector Nicole Bruce, called for witnesses or anyone else with knowledge of the attacks to come forward and help police catch the culprits.


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