Cr Kevin Skinner
Cr Kevin Skinner Scott Powick

Skinner favours family over office

TWEED Shire Councillor Kevin Skinner will not run in September's local government election and hopes to spend more time with his grandkids.

Councillor Skinner said the recent addition of two grandkids to the four he already had made the decision not to run easy, as he felt his family was much more important.

"I didn't have the opportunity to spend enough time with my own children and want to take the time to look after the grandkids who are at a really beautiful time in their lives," Cr Skinner said.

"I also want to concentrate more on my business in these difficult economic times."

While at council, he needed to bring in help to run his motel and his partner put in a lot of hard work.

"I really enjoyed my time as councillor and especially the 12 months spent as mayor," Cr Skinner said.

"It's been a really worthwhile experience and I've made a lot of good friends."

Cr Skinner said it has been a marvellous time and he was really honoured to be elected.

He also thanked the community for all the support he had received.

His time as mayor was very satisfying and Cr Skinner recommended others run to get a handle on things.

Councillor Skinner said the criticism he encountered while in office simply "washed off his back".

"I've been in the hospitality industry all my life and am used to difficult customers."

Councillor Skinner said that overall the last four years had been very positive for the residents of Chinderah.

Instating a new roundabout at Chinderah Bay Drive and locating it some way from the river's foreshore was one of Cr Skinner's top achievements, and has given the riverbank back to the people of Chinderah as a park for all to enjoy.

The beautification of the area had also been brought forward and the restoration of the riverbank has been completed.

These measures had boosted the safety of the region's infrastructure and a new design to beautify the area should be put in place over the next 12 months.

Council has further finalised the DA process for Chinderah's new jetty which the area has needed for many years.

"We had a jetty for about 100 years and then some 20 years ago it disappeared," Cr Skinner said.

Hopefully the new jetty would be in use in around one year's time.

Councillor Skinner said when he arrived at council kids and motorbikes posed a real problem, but with the design of a new dirt bike track in Murwillumbah nearing completion the benefits would soon show it was a good thing.

Despite all his successes Cr Skinner was disappointed he had been unable to finalise water augmentation for the shire.

"I fought as hard as possible for a new dam at Byrrill Creek as I thought that was the best option.

"Either way, a new council will have to find a solution and one side will have to give in to the other."

He said it was incredible that the area lost two significant events over the years, but at least Tweed had secured Cooly Rocks On with the help of several parties.

"Something like that will bring a massive increase in business throughout the entire shire.

"There's a big difference between events and what they bring to the area."

Cr Skinner said that some events were very nice but didn't do half as much for the shire as Cooly Rocks On has done.

He said the important thing was the event continued to be successful and attract large crowds.

Councillor Skinner felt his portrayal in the local media had been fair and made his time as councillor very open and transparent.

"In my mind, I can walk away with the thought I've done a good job over the last four years."

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