'Snail mail' lives up to its name

URLIUP Road resident Jim Cromie has been left wondering if snails really do deliver the mail, after a letter from Murwillumbah District Hospital took weeks to arrive at his house only a few kilometres away.

A letter advising Jim Cromie of an appointment at the hospital's pre-admission clinic was written on September 18 and he found it in his letterbox on October 2 - exactly two weeks from when it was written.

The little envelope had taken an extended detour, visiting the Gold Coast and Sydney, before eventually arriving back in Murwil- lumbah.

The letter states how important is was that he did not miss the appointment: “The importance of this clinic cannot be stressed enough. If you do not attend this appointment, your surgery may be cancelled”.

It was lucky Mr Cromie rang the hospital himself after thinking it strange no letter had arrived and made the clinic on time.

You could drive from the hospital to Mr Cromie's house in the space of a few minutes, or even walk there in about an hour, and Mr Cromie wants to know how such a simple deli- very could go so hor- ribly wrong.

“They talk about snail mail, well that was a very slow snail that one,” Mr Cromie said.

The first postmark on the letter was September 21, a second stamp reads September 25, and Mr Cromie found it in his letterbox on October 2.

The Tweed Daily News contacted Australia Post and a spokesman blamed it on a problem with a sorting machine.

“Australia Post has conducted an initial investigation and it appears Mr Cromie's address has been read incorrectly by a mail sorting machine which has led to the delay in delivery,” he said. “This is an unusual occurrence as the machines are very proficient. Australia Post would like to apologise to Mr Cromie for the delay and any inconvenience it may have caused.”

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