So, what's the storey?

CABARITA Beach residents opposed to a planned four-storey Woolworths supermarket and home unit complex have had a small victory after Tweed Shire councillors voted to call on the NSW Department of Planning to uphold a three-storey height limit.

“It was nice to win a little battle, but whether or not we benefit is to be seen,” said the spokesperson for a campaign against overdevelopment in the coastal village, Cheryl Johnston, yesterday.

“It helps that people got behind the campaign and voiced their opinions and concerns,” Cheryl said.

“It will be interesting to see if the State Government listens now.

“Hopefully, the petitions and phone calls and letters we have sent in the last week or so prompted them to have the Council assess it again.

“We will be contacting the department on this latest news to make sure they are aware of it.”

Councillors at their Tuesday night meeting voted four to three to call on the department to enforce the three-storey rule despite arguments from Cr Dot Holdom that four-storey precedents had already been set and an extra floor was often needed to accommodate the top of lifts.

Cr Barry Longland called for a Council submission to the department to “convey council's clear intention” that it wanted to “preserve the three-storey height limit in this locality”.

“We want to make sure the Department of Planning understand we hold this issue as one of importance to us,” he said.

Cr Longland was joined by Cr Phil Youngblutt, Cr Joan van Lieshout and Cr Holdom in voting to uphold the limit, even though Cr Holdom had put arguments for an extra storey.

She and Cr Youngblutt had a change of heart since the last vote on the issue was taken back in June, when the future of the three-storey limit was thrown into doubt after most councillors voted not to insist on enforcement of the rule in the Woolworths complex.

At the time, Greens Party councillor Katie Milne, who this time decided not to support Cr Longland, warned more exceptions to the rule may be made.

The NSW Planning Department is considering a development application for the $16 million supermarket and home units complex.

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