Solutions for type 2 diabetes

Training to stay healthy and get in shape.
Training to stay healthy and get in shape.

Local women's Great Shape Centre, Healthy Inspirations, is helping women prevent and manage Type 2 Diabetes by promoting healthier lifestyle habits during National Diabetes Week.

Knowing the link between higher body fat and diabetes, Healthy Inspirations is offering free body composition reports to local women so they can dramatically cut their chances of suffering diabetes.

The Pines assistant manager, Laura Loring said members credit healthy eating and regular exercise to help stabilise their blood sugar levels.

“The two risk factors most commonly linked to Type 2 Diabetes are obesity and physical inactivity, both of which are modifiable,” she said.

Dietitian Matt O'Neill said the good news about diabetes is it can be easily preventable by reducing body fat and being


“Small lifestyle improvements can make an enormous difference to the risk of Type 2 Diabetes,” Matt said.

Healthy Inspirations has recently included a new program specifically designed for people with Type 2 Diabetes.

Healthy Inspirations has two qualified trainers on staff and has been running the Lift for Life Program since February this year.

The benefits of the program are so remarkable that anyone looking to reduce their risk of diabetes would benefit significantly.

“Unlike other 'miracle' weight loss solutions that are impossible to maintain, Healthy Inspirations helps women learn sensible healthy eating, exercise and relaxation habits that last for life,” Laura said.

“The key to lasting weight loss is a combined approach that includes a personalised healthy eating plan, fun exercise circuit, weekly relaxation session in a massage chair, plus one-on-one support three times a week with a lifestyle consultant.”

Healthy Inspirations and their members are active about their ongoing health and fitness.

Last weekend 50 members took part in the Gold Coast Marathon 5km walk with great success.

All the members did an outstanding job pushing themselves to a personal best.

One member in particular, Kathleen, came first in her age group; 85 to 89 years.

For more information on Healthy Inspirations The Pines or Lift for Life call (07) 5534 4666.

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