Front to back: Ethan Foster, Michayla Madden and Lauren Brown keep cool.
Front to back: Ethan Foster, Michayla Madden and Lauren Brown keep cool.

More hot weather to come

SUMMER is well and truly in swing.

After a record-breaking November, the Tweed welcomed in the summer months with some scorching days this week.

Yesterday the Tweed was well above average at 37 degrees, with nearby Lismore and Casino topping 41 and 42 respectively.

The Weather Company meteorologist Josh Fisher said there would be more hot weather to come.

“In the past couple of days the hot north-westerly winds have been dragging in a hot trough over the Tweed,” Mr Fisher said.

While the coastal breezes have eased temperatures on the coast, people further inland at Murwillumbah have been affected by the high temperatures.

“For the rest of December we’re likely to see numbers in the mid to high thirties,” Mr Fisher said.

“Right now the El Niño is strengthening and we will definitely see hotter and dryer conditions over the next couple of months.”

The El Niño, which referees to warmer waters in the Indian Ocean and the tropical Pacific Ocean bringing in the warmer winds, is expected to continue into the first quarter of 2010, with hotter than ever conditions expected.

Mr Fisher said people further inland need to be wary of fire danger.

“There is a concern for fire danger, just until we see a cooler change which should happen over the weekend,” he said.

With temperatures expected to skyrocket after the weekend, Simon Evans from the Bureau of Meteorology offered a word of advice for those thinking about braving the heat.

“Make sure you stay really hydrated and try not to stay in direct sun for too long,” Mr Evans said.

Manager of the Oasis Club Banora Pool Andrew Hunter said he saw record crowds of people coming in for a dip.

“Our numbers were definitely up for November, we get a lot of people here as soon as it gets a bit warm,” he said.

Mr Hunter said the word around the pool fountain is this is the hottest summer so far, with children in particular taking time to cool off.

Pottsville Primary School teacher Rick Chalmers said with the onslaught of summer, it’s important to educate children about sun safety.

“We teach them about slip slop slap, and to have time in the shade,” said Mr Chalmers.

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