South Korea's hangover-fighting ice cream

FORGET the morning after cocktail of ibuprofen, Maccas and Netflix, there's a new way to shake that hangover. And it may not come as a surprise that it was birthed in the home of Asia's hardest drinkers, South Korea.

In a country where the hangover cure is a $US125 million per year industry, pills, makeup to hide that day-after-booze-face, and hangover soup are big business.

But this latest entry to the market is by far the most appealing: Hangover ice cream.

According to Reuters, seedy South Koreans will be able to chow down on a "Gyeondyo-bar", a grapefruit flavoured ice cream infused with a tiny bit of oriental raisin tree fruit juice - that's its name. Officially.

And it's this juice that holds the key to the ice cream's success: Working as the active ingredient, raisin juice has been considered a hangover treatment by Koreans since the 1600s.

Sounds like an old wives' tale? A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience in 2012 found that raisin tree extract could reduce effects of intoxication in rats.

So, if it works, the Gyeondyo-bar, which translates to "hang in there," could be the answer to the $8 billion loss in annual productivity that results form South Korea's drinking habits.

Just to reiterate how much of a big deal hangovers are in South Korea, you may recall this Psy and Snoop Dogg hit dedicated to hangovers.

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