Tweed Daily News bowls report.
Tweed Daily News bowls report. Scott Powick

South Tweed SharksAugust 29 - September 4Wednesday Morning O

South Tweed Sharks

August 29 - September 4

Wednesday Morning Open Pairs

Winners: Daryl Maxwell & Roger Henson

Runner Up: Jim Chapman & Les Smith

Wednesday Open Triples

Winners: Baz McBurney, Keith Ward, Al Heidi

Runners Up: Noel Solly, Pat Dalley, Warren Gallop

Saturday Open Pairs

Winners: Cheryl Moran & Derek Hopps

Runner Up: Gillian Hogg & Allan Vidler

Saturday Open Triples

Winners: Jan Monger, Noel Solly, Alan Smith

Runner Up: Marguerite Pettigrew, Mike Hardinge, Ian Bird

Tuesday Ladies Bowls: Washed Out

Tweed Heads Men and Ladies

Monday, September 3

Men's Indoor Pairs

Round 1: Paul Rafton, Wayne Heydt d. Mike Nash (sub. Len Byrne), John Bremner 35/13; Craig Larcombe, Doug Kleinhans d. Mark Lynn, Karl Figura 27/10; Ken Emura, John Millington d. Tony Walker, Daniel Walker 25/11; John Bain, Nigel Smith, d. Arthur Collins, Ernie Robins 25/11; Leigh Tynan, Mark Howarde d. Steve Ross, Phil West 17/15; John Ritchie, Damien Delgardo d. Gary Hewitt, Robert Kaehler 27/11.

Round 2: Leigh Tynan, Mark Howarde d. John Ritchie, Damien Delgardo 18/16; John Bain, Nigel Smith (sub. Steve Goodman) d. David Dodge, Kevin Dixon 20/5; Craig Larcombe, Doug Kleinhans d. Ken Emura, John Millington 22/15; Paul Rafton, Wayne Heydt d. John McLeod, Col Acton 21/10.

Women's Indoor Pairs

Round 1: Alison Ebsworth, June Beverley d. Doreen Kendall, Linda Kattenberg 27/8

Round 2: Di Cunnington, Gail Crompton d. Alison Ebsworth, June Beverley 29/12; Hiro Emura, Joan Tennent d. Pat Mann, Jean Finney 30/10; Christine Hawkins, Kaye Robins d. Trish Dixon, Geraldine Carey 22/16; Joan Lyon, LesleyAnn French d. Estelle Bartrim, Barbara Gates 24/18; Nanette Wise, June Solly d. Carmel Keane, Carol Royan 33/16; Julie Overlack, Linda Lynn d. Val Chapman, Kath Beckman 24/9; Leigh Rayward, Wendy Wilson d. Bernice Bryant, Val Young 20/16; Karen Figura, Frances Hewitt d. Sheryl Wall, Julie Kent 20/15

Quarter-finals: Hiro Emura, Joan Tennent d. Di Cunnington, Gail Crompton 21/18; Christine Hawkins, Kaye Robins d. Joan Lyon, LesleyAnn French 20/14; Julie Overlack, Linda Lynn d. Nanette Wise, June Solly 19/18.

Mixed pairs

Round 1: Linda & Mark Lynn d. Sally & Leigh Tynan 21/20; Julie Overlack, Dan Smith d. Gail Crompton, Greg Ash 16/14; Ros Ash, John Gunton d. Bob & Val Chapman 29/14.

Round 2: Bob & Barbara Mullens d. Linda & Mark Lynn 24/15; Julie Overlack, Dan Smith d. Laurina & Mark Howarde 20/17; Hiro & Ken Emura d. Gorgie Moor, Terry McFadden 21/15; Carol & John Royan d. Ros Ash, John Gunton 39/2; June Beverley, Paul Rafton d. Jessica Srisamruaybai, David Dodge 18/17; Di Cunnington, Ron Duckworth d. John & Denise McLeod 33/10; Margaret & Peter Benson d. Linda Kattenberg, Dennis Agnew 23/15.

Quarter-finals: Julie Overlack, Dan Smith d. Bob & Barbara Mullens 24/16; Hiro & Ken Emura d. Kevin Dixon, Wendy Wilson 23/19; Carol & John Royan d. June Beverley, Paul Rafton 31/22; Di Cunnington, Ron duckworth d. Margaret & Peter Benson 22/11.

Monday, August 27

Indoor Pairs PM

Winners: Bernice Bryant, Simon Bass 3 wins plus 31; r/up: Kaye & Ernie Robins 3 plus 26; 3rd: Pat Eakin, Gordon Wood 3 plus 23.; Random winners: Ray Gilmartin, Arch Besselaar

Tuesday, August 28

Green 1: Col Robinson, Don Shoobert, Col Acton; r/up: Col & Lidia Elsey, Lyn & Kevin Davey

Green 2: Jack Blagbrough, Bob Young, Max Fisher, Lol Sables; r/up: Doris Buchanan, Kath Robinson, Pat Clarke, Shirley Ganter

Wednesday, August 29

Green 1: Rod Booth, Ken Hanson; r/up: Alf Colefax, Rob Paget, Dennis Freeman

Green 2: Stan Loeber, Rod Stebbins; r/up: Bob Chapman, Brian Bevan

Green 3: Vern Eves, Graeme Coogan, Kevin Hayer; r/up: Margaret Dare, Judy Roche

Green 4: Dennis Daly, Ron Keefer, Wayne Watson; r/up: Ted & Sue Jackett

Thursday, August 30

AM Indoor Singles: Ken Emura 3 wins plus 12; r/up: Hiro Emura 2 plus 5; 3rd: Paul Rafter 2 wins Zero. Random winner: Jean Morris

Ladies PM

Green 1: Pene Collins, Anne Fitzgerald, Di Duncan; r/up: Pam Branton, Judith Webster, June Gilroy

Green 2: Roz Jenkins, Karen Cranwell; r/up: Sue Jackett, Lyn Davey

Friday, August 31

Green 1: Michael Geritz, Brian Heap, Col McPhergon; r/up: Kevin Wormald, Sam Ramsay, George Hanlon

Green 2: Ray Arrowsmith, Don Phillips, Mario Matteucci; r/up: Dennis Daly, Jim Hammersley, Daniel Walker

Green 3: Kim Stephenson, John Golden, Gerry Mountain; r/up; Bob Young, Lol Sables, Rick Tadday

PM Indoor Open Pairs

Winners: Barry & Joan Griffiths 3 wins plus 18; r/up: Estelle Bartrim, Frank McPhillips 2 plus 14; 3rd: Craig Larcombe, Bernice Bryant 2 plus 13.

Random winners: June Beverley, Jesse Chircop

Saturday, September 1

Green 1: Joan, Jake, Sharyn & Barry Griffiths; r/up: Laurie Lennox, Haydn Soulsby

Sunday, September 2: Father's Day

Green 1: Laurie Rea, Meryl Willis, Ruth & Max Reiter; r/up: Jenny Worrall, Renee & Tony Laycock

Green 2: Irene Muldoon, Phil Dwyer, Tony & Lynda Kattenberg; r/up: Dave Tasmer, Brian Williams, Brian Bevan

Kingscliff Beach Women

Wednesday, August 27

C Gallagher, J Scott d. D Greenwell, A Shipway; J O'Connor, G Moore d. S Baker, M James (Lucky Losers Green 1); J Curtis, S Akers d. G Dean, D James; J Hunt, D Jones d. G Phipps, R Creedon; A Johnson, R Wickbold (Lucky Winners Green 1) d. S Fowler, J Greenbank; J Russell, R Fuller d. C Chapman, J Scher; J Griffiths, J Mitchell d.B O'Reilly, J White; S Hinks, L Reeks (Lucky Winners Green 3) d. B Massey, G Brown (Lucky Losers Green 3); M Vaughan, J Siering, W Butler d. M Vaughan, S Gilbert, L Willoughby; A Wonka, B Petri d. N Sherlock, B Mirls

Friday, August 31

Semi-finals Open Triples

J White, J Mitchell, R Evans d. L Poole, S Cancillier, J Munn;D Jones, D James, S Akers J Cowie, D Singleton, A Mullen. The final will be played on Friday, September 7.

Kingscliff Men's Bowls

Tuesday, August 28

Social bowls

Open pairs

Winners: T Lee and S Massey

Runners-up: L and B Poole

Plate Winners: C Scott and R Bryan

Thursday, August 30

Three Bowl Triples

Winners: K Taylor, B James and M Richards; P Curran, T Potocnik and R Julius

Plate Winners; J O'Malley, D Doyle and P Jones

Saturday, September 1

Three Bowl Triples

Winners: T Elton and D Holland; H De Vries, D Roughley and D Miller

Plate winners: G McNamara, K Richardson and R Hayes

Club Championships

Men's Open Fours

Semi Final: K Banks, G Barrack, T Hills and G Sawtell def R Szkudlarski, B Reaburn, P Crompton and P Duncan.

Men's B Grade Fours

Final : D Doyle, T Elton, T Wonka and J Barnes def N Dunstone, B Tyrrell, F McNamara and R Lewis.

Mullumbimby Ex-Services

Thursday, August 31


Michael Lardi, Trent Foreman and Michael Burke 30 defeated Michael Lardi (swinging lead), Geoff Flick and Terry Fenwick 17. Terry Henry, Jackson Henry and Larry Henry won the 2 by 11 end triples with 2 wins + 3; followed by Bill Ball, Mal Flesser and Gary Porter 1 win 1 loss, +3; Bob MacAuley, John O'Connor and Jean-Claude Canabou 1 win 1 loss +3; Errol Boyter, Allan Bartlett and Mark Hogan 2 losses -9.


Jamie Ewin and Mike Nicholls won the day with 2 wins +9; followed by Ray Breckenridge and Ray Linabury 1 win 1 loss +7; Phil Brassington and Leigh Rickert 1 win 1 loss +0; Robert Rays and Dick Ottery 2 losses -16.

Saturday, September 1

The first round of the Mullumbimby Reliable Removals Mullumbimby Bakery Super Pairs was played, with $1000 up for grabs. The second round will be played next Saturday with 2 divisions playing for the prizemoney. After Saturday's play Division A will be Errol Boyter and Gary Porter; Jamie Ewin and Troy Creighton; Phil Brassington and Des Hammond; Greg Moroney and Scott Hogan; Trent Foreman and Richie Northcott; Ross Graham and Mark Hogan; Andrew Moroney and Leigh Rickert; Sean Doherty and Adam McKenzie; Sharon Thomas and Terry Fenwick; Mike Nicholls and Mark Holton. Division B will be Bernie O'Hearn and Ashley Lumsden; Michael Burke and Jeff Morgan; Ben Leeson and Shane Knight; Jim Clark and Brett Luker; George McKenzie and Allan Bartlett; Rose Wainwright and Michael Lardi; Clint marsh and Geoff Flick; Bill Ball and Larry Henry.

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Parents told not to worry about whooping cough despite scare

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'We aim to really push their comfort zone'

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