A father of two young children pleaded guilty in the Roma District Court after he raped his partner’s daughter about forty times, labelling it “education for a future boyfriend”.
A father of two young children pleaded guilty in the Roma District Court after he raped his partner’s daughter about forty times, labelling it “education for a future boyfriend”.

Dad's sickening 'education for future boyfriend' child rape

A SOUTHWEST child sex predator who repeatedly had sexual intercourse with his partner's 14-year-old daughter under the guise of "education" became the prey when he spent time in prison awaiting to face his charges, a Roma court has heard.

The Roma District Court heard on Monday, November 30, a Quilpie man aged in his thirties, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victim, engaged in a sexual relationship with his partner's daughter, who was 14-years-of-age and turned 15 during the three-and-a-half-month unlawful stint.

The courtroom heard, at the end of 2015 the complainant moved to Queensland to live with her biological mother - the defendant's partner and mother of his two children, aged three and six.

Crown prosecutor Farook Anoozer told the court, the victim had a "disadvantaged" upbringing, having being adopted, fostered cared and lived on the street.

Brisbane District Court Judge Vicki Loury QC said for several months, the defendant engaged in regular sexual contact with the complainant and on the weekends, when he returned home from working away, would go into her room and have unprotected sex while her mother was in another room sleeping or intoxicated.

"In December 2016, you entered her room and asked if she wanted to be educated and you pulled out your penis and she sucked it until you ejaculated on the floor," Judge Loury said.

"She would suck your penis then you would have sexual intercourse, then she would suck your penis again.

"You told her that she should participate in a three-way with her mother.

"Another time you were intoxicated and told her it was education for when she had a boyfriend.

"You inserted a dildo into her vagina.

"In March 2017, you had sex until you ejaculated onto the ground and it seems not long after that, she overdosed on painkillers then went to live with adoptive parents."

Mr Anoozer said the complainant left her mother in Queensland to go live back with adoptive parents in New South Wales.

While there, she reported her incident to police however the complaint never went through due to her mental state.

"She returned to her mother in Queensland and the defendant contacted her and asked her to send him nude pictures," Mr Anoozer said.

"The mother confronted him and he made admissions."

The defendant was located in November 2019 and remanded in custody for 370 days.

Mr Anoozer said the complainant was willing to engage in this sexual relationship at the beginning but would cry because she felt "guilty" and "sorry for herself".

Defence solicitor Steven Kissick reassured the court that the defendant was not married to the mother and didn't know the complainant until later in her life.

"She (the complainant) never lived with her mother, unfortunately had a terrible life in New South Wales it would seem," Mr Kissick said.

"The defendant and the mother drove down to Sydney in December 2015 and that's the first time he had anything to do with her.

"It arose in circumstances where the mother said she had an attraction with him - it wasn't like a father role for many years, he was in many respects a stranger to her and that might provide some underlying reasons why he abused his relationship with this young girl.

"It's not a gross breach of trust, she was underage and he was aware of that and he should have known better and exercised control.

"He admits he drunk an excessive amount of alcohol when home on the weekends, it doesn't excuse his actions but further explains them."

Mr Kissick said his client attempted to commit suicide when the matter first broke and while in custody lost his front teeth from an assault and became the victim of a violent sexual assault on two occasions.

The lawyer submitted that his client receive four years imprisonment, wholly suspended.

"He is unlikely to reoffend … it didn't arise in particular planning from him, he has no prospects to contact her again," he said.

"He wants to return to work as soon as possible and does not pose a general danger at large to young girls."

The defendant pleaded guilty to six offences, including maintaining an unlawful relationship with a child under 16 years, unlawfully procured to commit an indecent act while under your care and four counts unlawful carnal knowledge of a child under 16 while under your care.

Judge Loury told the defendant this was "serious offending" which could result in life in prison.

"You were in a position of trust to her," Judge Loury said.

"I accept you were not a father figure for many years, but your offending occurred over three-and-a-half months and it was unprotected sex which could have resulted in pregnancy or other health issues.

"You dressed up the situation as 'education'."

The defendant was sentenced to four years imprisonment, suspended after 370 days, which he had already served.

The defendant was free to go back into the community and must not commit another offence within four years.

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