Space day blast for students

NASA here we come - These Lindisfarne students certainly looked the part when they blasted off into the world of space travel yesterday.

Different aspects of space science were explained and demonstrated to the school's year-two students courtesy of the CSIRO's “Lab on Legs” workshop.

CSIRO education officer Katie Baldwin said with child- ren of that age it was all about making science fun.

“We travel across Queensland and talk to kids from childcare to year 12,” Ms Baldwin said.

“We try to make it exciting for the students, and when you see their faces, how can you not love your job?”

The kids learnt about the solar system, made their own meteors and launched paper rockets into “outer space”.

But the most fun was had when they donned mini space suits and stepped into the rocket tent to look at the stars.

“Actually, they were prob- ably more excited when I said to take their shoes off to get into the space suits,” Ms Baldwin said.

Seven-year-old Laurien Wynne said she had enjoyed being an astronaut for the day.

She said the suit was “cool”, but inside it got “very hot”.

“From here you can't see much of space, but from space you can,” Laurien said. “All the stars are very tiny from here, but they are really big.”

Tom Armstrong, 7, enjoyed learning about gravity.

“You jump about five times bigger on the moon,” Tom explained. “And no-one knows where space ends.

“It is really fun to learn about the astronauts.”

Year-two teacher Alicia Wright said the students would be learning about space for the semester.

“We have been learning about space and the earth's place in space,” she said.

“It is enquiry-based learning and they really come up with some great questions from it. Later, we'll be learning about looking after planet earth,” she said.

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