Jeff Duff honours David Bowie in British Invasion at Twin Towns on Friday night.
Jeff Duff honours David Bowie in British Invasion at Twin Towns on Friday night. Contributed

Space man shines again in British Invasion

KINDRED spirits or a pure coincidence, the comparisons are undeniable.

Sharing more than just appearance with legendary performer David Bowie, Sydney-based entertainer Jeff Duff embraces it, but is quick to point out he is also his own man.

"When I was performing in art school, someone said you're very similar to Bowie,” Duff said.

"Me and Bowie write space-age songs and perform in make up, and some people would say I'm living a parallel life with Bowie, but I'm never David Bowie, I'm me.

"The fact that I look a little bit like him in the distance in the London fog is by chance.”

Down to the exuberant outfits, which he makes himself, and the expensive Bowie-like shoes, which he loves, Duff is the logical choice to bring the cherished entertainer's music to life on stage.

He was even a near neighbour of Bowie's during his time living in Australia.

"I lived next door to him for 10 years I didn't even know he was there,” Duff said.

"I was walking up the street and a couple of his muso's stopped and said they'd been to see me. I asked who they were with and they said 'David Bowie', and I said 'where is he?' and they said 'next door'.

"He loved Australia.”

As does Duff, who's been entertaining Australian audiences for decades since his work with Kush in the 70s, the Jeff Duff Orchestra and now through his Bowie shows.

An English native who's recorded more than 30 albums of his own material and sung with some of the world's best performers.

In honouring Bowie, Duff is touring with Rob Caudill (Rod Stewart) and Lance Strauss (Elton John) for the aptly-named British Invasion show.

The production, which Duff said has been "killing it in clubs”, sees the three perform solo, before coming together at the end of the night for an encore which shares hits.

"If people don't love Bowie, they'll love Rod or Elton,” Duff said.

The show chronicles each performer's best work, featuring many of their most beloved and favourite songs.

"They're incredible pop songs that have stood for 40 years of hits,” Duff said.

British Invasion

Where: Twin Towns

When: Friday, July 7

Tickets: From $37.

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