WHEN Veronica 'Ronni' Pratten came into the world on Sunday morning she made Isaac Pratten the first new dad of Father's Day at Lismore Hospital, and super proud to boot.

Together with mum Brooke Mackay the couple couldn't be happier with the new born addition to their family.

"It is absolutely amazing, really amazing," Mr Pratten said.

He was smitten from the moment she arrived.

"I fell in love, just like that," he said.

The birth itself was life-changing and not like anything else he has experienced, he said.

"I broke down, I cried a lot," he said.

The established couple hadn't planned on becoming parents, but the "surprise" factor made the birth more exciting and precious, they said.

The couple had a free-water birth and Ms Mackay stuck to her birth plan of avoiding pain killers.

"We wanted it to be all natural," she said.

It was a decision the couple was happy with despite a 20-hour labour including a very intense eight hours at the end, she said.

"There were time where I asked for it, but I got through without," she said.

Mr Isaac was by her side the whole time, and has been very keen to take a hands-on role that will continue into the future, he said.

Once the breast feeding stage was over, there was a possibility he would become a stay-at-home dad, he said.

Born with a full head of dark hair and weighing 4.3 kilograms, Veronica and her new family were looking forward to getting home and spending time together

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