CRUISY DUO: Triple J breakfast show hosts Alex Dyson and Matt Okine at Splendour.
CRUISY DUO: Triple J breakfast show hosts Alex Dyson and Matt Okine at Splendour. Tyson Yates

Triple J stars give their thoughts on this year's Splendour

THEY are two of the most recognisable faces, or rather voices, to grace the mud at Splendour so who better to deliver their thoughts on the festival than Triple J breakfast radio hosts Matt Okine and Alex Dyson.

Between festival duties, including hosting their radio show live across the three days and performing a sneaky set as DJ Boilermakers on Sunday afternoon, the boys were able to sample plenty of music.

"Peking Duk had such a huge set. They could have easily just been two electronic music DJs and played their music but they went all out; they had guests up on stage, they had dancers come out, they had balls that lit up and bounced across the crowd and not just two or three, but 35 or something," said Alex.

"They've got great songs so they don't have to do that, but they wanted to put on the best live music experience that they could for the Splendour crowd so I was very impressed with Peking Duk that night."

"Elliphant for me," said Matt. "It was an afternoon set on Mix Up Stage, I'd never seen her before, only knew one or two of her songs but it is really awesome when you see someone who is creating a buzz around the world quickly, but you see them perform and you realise why immediately."

The duo was relatively relaxed compared with the others on the Triple J team.

"The Triple J video guys are almost the hardest working dudes on the weekend; you'll see them rushing in, covered in sweat because they've been filming a band, then they rush back out and film another band," said Alex

"I think it's important to highlight that we are genuinely the least hard working in the entire Triple J team," Matt joked.

"To make it all happen everyone is working around the clock and we kind of waltz in and talk a bit on the radio, hand out a few Tune Rags and everyone thinks we're bloody legends and there's guy in tents who haven't seen the sunlight."

Although the gig isn't without its setbacks, with the guys agreeing on the hardest part of covering a festival.

"It's almost the selfies," laughed Alex.

"Getting from the Amphitheatre to the Mix Up Stage is the hardest part without getting someone grabbing your crotch or pulling your hair," said Matt.

"It's because Triple J supports so much Australian music, we did a count the other day and 30 bands on the line-up, their songs were first heard on Triple J unearthed," said Alex.

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