Stabbing victims wait as attempted murder sentence delayed

TWO men who have waited more than five years for justice after their flatmate repeatedly stabbed them in a frenzied attack in 2008 have a further wait after their attacker's sentencing was adjourned.

Eric Roger Frederick Heuer pleaded guilty last month to attempting to murder Robin Drury and Rodney Pettitt and was due to be sentenced yesterday in the Brisbane Supreme Court.

Heuer attacked the two men with a stainless steel kitchen knife in while they slept on November 18, 2008.

Police arrested Heuer, bare-chested and covered in blood with a rope around his neck, the following morning at an Urangan beach.

The case stalled for several years after Heuer went through an assessment in the Mental Health Court.

He was deemed fit to stand trial in 2011.

Heuer faced trial earlier this year in the supreme court where he pleaded not guilty to the two charges, but after only two days, the trial was aborted and the jury discharged.

He pleaded guilty at his second supreme court trial last month.

However, the case took another twist yesterday as Justice Jean Dalton expressed concerns with evidence from four psychiatrists who had assessed Heuer over the years.

The two men, along with their families, were visibly frustrated at Justice Dalton's decision to once again prolong the case.

Justice Dalton questioned whether the psychiatrist reports were valid as she believed they had based their findings on incorrect information, namely surrounding Heuer's intoxication and mental state at the time of the offences.

She also expressed further concerns about whether documents originating from the Mental Health Court in 2011 should be read out in court.

"I am not trying to be difficult," Justice Dalton said.

"I think I need to be put in a position where I can make a determination on whether drugs or alcohol were involved.

"The psychiatrists have proceeded on an incorrect basis because the defendant had lied to them."

Justice Dalton said she wanted to see updated reports from the psychiatrists before she would proceed any further.

"I just do not think I can safely decide about the intoxication at the time of the offences and the defendant's current mental state without those documents," she said.

"Maybe some of those doctors might need to come and give some evidence as well.

"I do not think both parties have given me enough correct evidence to pass sentence on Mr Heuer."

Justice Dalton adjourned until a date to be fixed.

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