State Government blames Labor for dodgy disability permits

THE State Government has scrapped the production of dodgy plastic disability parking permits, returning to a cardboard version.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson today told the Budget Estimates hearing the quality of permits being issued through the national disability parking scheme was causing concern among users.

"In 2010 the former State Government phased in the Australian Disability Parking Permit Scheme which included a new polypropylene permit," Mr Emerson said.

"More than 50 of these permits have been returned to our department as they had severely deteriorated after only a few months.

"The Federal Government didn't properly test these permits for Queensland's climate and they are crumbling.

"This is unacceptable and has been poorly implemented by Labor leaving people with nothing more than a dodgy and deteriorated disability permit."

The equipment supplied by the Federal Government to produce the permits is also regularly on the blink and often had to be sent interstate for repairs.

Mr Emerson said a cardboard permit has been introduced, costing 50 per cent less than Labor's version with similar security features.

"Our permits are more cost effective to produce and they stay in one piece," he said.

"Unfortunately Federal Labor would prefer us to spend more than $90,000 of tax payers' money for a permit that we can't print and doesn't last longer than a few months.

"Similar issues are also being faced in other states."

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