Amber Hawken from Gymea Eco Retreat Centre and Day Spa.
Amber Hawken from Gymea Eco Retreat Centre and Day Spa. Nolan Verheij-Full

Bloom retreat helps women stay healthy in hectic life

FIREWALKING, hot yoga, spinal health and numerical awareness are some of the topics being taught at a premium women's health retreat underway in Uki.

Health coach Amber Hawken designed the retreat for women to address their modern lifestyles, which she says can lead to stress and illness.

"Modern technology, the mass of options that people have, the extended work hours and virtually everything that we put in our mouths, to put it lightly, is killing us,'' Ms Hawken said.

"People are experiencing high levels of stress, over-stimulation and high cortisol levels from coffee and acting like psychosomatics.

"The aim of this retreat is to give women the tools they need to change the way they live, for the better."

Technology is off limits at the retreat, as are clocks and formal itineraries.

Instead attendees will eat a juiced and whole food diet prepared by a private chef and take part in workshops held by health experts.

"People are walking around and Instagramming and I think 'get it all in', because this is the last time for the next four days," she said.

The 24-year-old was driven to educate women on health from a young age and is qualified in radiation therapy, hot yoga and neuro-linguistic programming.

"Ever since I was young I found cancer to be such a weird concept and that's why I studied radiation and then I realised that that wasn't the complete solution to healing and prevention, so I moved on to other modalities," she said.

For those who can't attend the retreat, Ms Hawken says a yoga class and reading can change your life.

"Power of Now, Rushing Woman Syndrome and Changing Habits, Changing Lives are fantastic as is bonfire yoga," she said.

Bloom's four-day retreat is being held at Gymea eco resort in Uki, for more visit their website. 

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