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Steak and chicks on the menu

A NEW restaurant in Tweed Heads that boasts lap dances with the “hottest chicks on the coast” is being investigated by council.

The iBar says it is seeking 'lap dancers' to work at the new business, which is located on the corner of Wharf and Bay streets.

The establishment, which only has approval to operate as an eatery and bar, has been making itself known through bold advertisements saying: “Lap dance the night away with the hottest chicks on the coast”.

It also promotes itself as “Australia's only adult restaurant”.

But a Tweed Shire Council spokeswoman yesterday said council were investigating the iBar in relation to it being approved as an eatery.

“The iBar operation was approved by council as a restaurant,” she said.

“Council is in the process of investigating the premises.

“There is likely to be a report on the premises going to an upcoming council meeting.”

A sandwich board outside the iBar is being used to promote its erotic dancers.

But the business is also advertising for new dancers.

Making enquiries about the positions, the Tweed Daily News was told that the dancers are paid $180 an hour and $100 for half an hour.

A male staff member said there was no stage or pole on the premises, but instead a special 'lap dance room' with 10 separate sections for privacy.

“You are not performing - there is no stage or pole,” he said.

“We are a licensed bar and restaurant ... and we have a special lap dance room.

“The room has 10 separate sections, so the only person that can see you is the person you are dancing in front of, the person who is paying for it.”

He said the customers were not allowed to touch the dancers.

“No, it is a standard Queensland lap dance.”

When contacted yesterday, the owner of the iBar said he was glad the business was under investigation.

“I'm glad council are investigating it,” he said.

“If they do find something wrong, I hope they get off their bums and come down here and do something about it.”

He also said he “wasn't interested” in responding to people who had concerns about the lap dancing.

“Anyone who doesn't like it can take it up with the police or the liquor licensing authority,” he said.

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