Women crash more cars: study

Mars is Zane Jackson

GIRLS: Before you read this, just remember this research showing women are worse drivers than men is from a university study and I'm just the middle man delivering the information.

GUYS: We knew it, didn't we?

According to a University of Michigan study published this week, women drivers are more likely than men to be involved in certain types of car crashes.

Using data from a large sample of police-reported crashes from 1988 to 2007, researchers studied the genders involved in six different crash scenarios, including a head-on collision and a vehicle turning into another.

The study found that although blokes drive more kilometres on average than women, crashes involving two female drivers were higher in five of the six crash scenarios.

I'm not going to pretend that blokes are perfect drivers, because there are plenty of guys (tools) who think they're V8 Supercar drivers and our roads are their race tracks.

It's those boy racers you see with dodgy spoilers on crappy old cars with as many teeth as brain cells (ie not many) that stick out the most as bad drivers.

But driving on along Brisbane Road during peak hour, I've seen a crazy amount of women going over the speed limit putting on make-up and texting.

On a good day, you can find a few doing both at the same time, while flicking their indicator, while checking their make-up in the rear view mirror, all while turning the steering wheel with their knees.

To be fair to the mature drivers, it usually seems to be young girls with bright bubble cars and matching coloured stickers that love to multi-task in this way.

This is probably the only time being unable to multi-task works for us men.

Venus is Bianca Clare

I hope Michael Sivak likes living in the dog house.

Because it is unlikely his wife, daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, niece or aunt will let him set foot inside their humble abode any time soon.

The University of Michigan researcher this week published a study that he believes shows women drivers are more likely than men to be involved in certain types of car crashes.

Clearly he neve received the bright yellow memo that states - never, ever question a women's ability behind the wheel.

To say it is a touchy subject would be an understatement.

It falls in the same category as 'does my bum look big in this?' and 'can you notice anything different about my hair today?'

Just ask my boyfriend's brother, who one suggested I 'learn how to drive a manual properly or buy a new car'.

Lucky we were only around the corner from his house and it wasn't raining outside.

Women like to think our driving skills are perfect.

Burst that bubble and you'll find yourself in trouble.

We can apply lip gloss, read the morning meeting minutes, stop the kids from fighting and change lanes all at the one time.

If we have a rear ender, it is your fault.  It is not that we were following to close; you - the male driver - slammed on your brakes without warning.

We do all we can to protect our superwoman image.

Even if that means driving five kilometres around the block to avoid the reverse park.

My advice gentlemen if you can't stand your ladies driving - tell her you love her music taste and ask her if she will DJ for that long trip north.

Venus and Mars is a weekly humour column.

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