The Sydney man molested his stepdaughter in her uniform before school and violated her with household items.Source:Supplied
The Sydney man molested his stepdaughter in her uniform before school and violated her with household items.Source:Supplied

Stepfather had sex with stepdaughter, 12, in school uniform


A SALESMAN has admitted he had sex with his stepdaughter while she was in her school uniform and that he filmed himself having sex when she was asleep.

A video taken by the man while molesting the teenage girl shows them having sexual intercourse and the girl saying afterwards, "Where's my school shirt?"

The 45-year-old took to the witness box during his trial in the Sydney District Court and admitted trying all types of sex with the girl for more than four years from just after her 12th birthday.

The accused man, who has pleaded guilty to performing 99 sexual or indecent assaults on the girl, agreed he regularly had sex with her in the family living room on school mornings.

He told the court that despite the fact the girl appeared unconscious in some of the videos he took, she was aware that he was molesting her during the night and it was their "little game".

He said he would stick CD cards of the videos behind the rail of a wardrobe with Blu Tack.

In the third week of the man's trial before Judge Paul Conlon in the Sydney Downing Centre, a jury has heard two different accounts of how the sexual contact between the man and his stepdaughter began.

The stepfather has pleaded not guilty to 22 counts of allegedly drugging the girl and not guilty to five counts of allegedly drugging the girl's mother, his former wife.

He has also pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting a younger stepdaughter when she was aged 11.

Asked by Crown prosecutor Rohan Cooley about the girl's account that the man instigated sexual contact by touching her chest area, the man denied it.

Even thought he admitted it was the "worst decision of my life" to reciprocate, he said it was the girl who had, aged 12, instigated contact.
He said it had happened while they were playing the PlayStation, and that she had touched his genitals.

What he calls "a relationship" ensued and that she had referred to him at one point as "my boyfriend" and texted him "I love you", to which he responded "I love you".

The man told the court he "did everything" for the seven children in his house while his wife worked two jobs and he was mostly unemployed.

At one point his wife and the elder stepdaughter he admits molesting suggested he could be nominated for "father of the year" in a region of NSW.

"You were far from father of the year were you not," Mr Cooley asked the man, who replied "yes".

The accused told the court that his former wife had been aware of his sexual relationship with his stepdaughter and that she had "turned a blind eye".

But the man agreed he had told the teenage girl not to tell her mother because "this would destroy our family if ever you said anything".

The mother of the abused girl has told the court she was unaware her daughter was being sexually molested by the man, and that she had suffered from continual tiredness after consuming drinks with "white flakes" in the glass.

The court heard that when the sexual relationship was uncovered and the accused fled to the Blue Mountains, the girl told her mother that the man had been drugging her with Travacalm.

crushing the tablets into her drinks.

Evidence was given that the girl alleges her stepfather used a metal meat tenderiser to crush the Travacalm tablets.

Mr Cooley asked the accused about a plastic medicine cup found beneath a coffee in the family home with residue that contained some ingredients of Travacalm.

The accused denied he had crushed the tablets or drugged his then wife, but said that his stepdaughter had done it.

"I saw her prepare it. I didn't see her do it," the man told the court.

"It wasn't with a meat mallet, it was a spoon."

The man claimed the girl and her mother had colluded to invent a story that he had drugged the mother.

He also said that his younger stepdaughter had colluded with her mother to invent a story that he had molested the girl when she was 11.

The court heard that the younger stepdaughter said her stepfather had twice molested her while she was lying in her bunk bed.

The accused stepfather said of his elder stepdaughter that she had wanted the "relationship" to continue and that he would have stopped if he had asked her.

"Her abuser and her Dad were the same person. [Girl's name] was the one who could cope with that. I was the one who had difficulty," he told the court.

Asked by Judge Conlon if he was "sexually obsessed" with his stepdaughter, the man said he had been attracted by the girl's "responsiveness".

"That someone makes you feel like you are important when your own wife bags you out from the moment you wake up," he said.

The trial before Judge Conlon continues.

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