Dog owners turning their nose up at tagging and bagging.
Dog owners turning their nose up at tagging and bagging.

Dodging doggy do: Stink raised over park poo

TIRED of lazy dog owners not scooping up their pooch's poop?

Well, you're not alone - visitors to Tweed's pristine parklands say they're also turned off by having to dodge doggy doo.

While most residents tag and bag, some arrogant owners turn their nose up at the prospect of fulfilling a common courtesy.

Holidaying families like Geoff and Catherine Turner from Melbourne almost stepped in it at Kingcliff's Faulks Park, and found the experience downright offensive.

"We almost stepped on one at South Beach and another one next to the playground, it's been really foul, and a bit of a worry because we had the kids with us… unfortunately not everyone is responsible," Mr Turner said.

The couple expected dog-poo bag dispensers, like those provided in other shires.

"Certainly as travellers and tourists that come here from Sydney and Melbourne, where there are dispensers everywhere, it's the sort of thing you'd expect," Mr Turner said.

Fortunately, council may be about to act on the issue.

Director of planning and regulation Vince Connell says the council is currently reviewing "a range of companion animal issues".

"The issue about dog faeces receptacles will be considered as part of this broader review," he said.

The crux of the matter is that the poo is as unsightly as it is unhealthy.

Mrs Turner adds: "You wouldn't let your kids do it, so why would you let your dog do it?"

Residents are also fed up with the foul stench.

"I passed a women and her German shepherd on the path at Point Danger and I trod on a very large, warm and fresh dog excrement in the middle of the track, which sent poo through the gaps in my toes," said Daily News photographer Blainey Woodham.

"It was a very selfish, grubby thing to do."

Prominent local Jerry Cornford says he has been dog walking in Kingscliff with a doggy bag every day for the last 15 years.

"We take our own and most people do, but sometimes you'll come up against those that think that it's a chore," Mr Cornford said.

"Until they step in the doo-doo themselves they don't think anybody else is going to."

Presumably "The Valley of Contrasts" touted on the Welcome to Tweed Shire road sign doesn't encompass the droppings frequently spotted along our beautiful walking tracks, exercise trails and playgrounds.

So next time your four-legged friend poops - scoop it up.

Did you know?

It is an offence under the NSW Companion Animals Act not to immediately remove your dog's faeces from a public place.

The Act provides for an on-the-spot fine of $275. The court can impose a fine of up to $880.

This does not apply to assistance animals in the care of a person with a disability.

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