Stokers Siding celebrates centenary on Sunday

STOKERS Siding will be a busy little place this Sunday as the town celebrates its Stokers-Dunbible Memorial Hall centenary.

Hall committee members have been on the hunt for town memorabilia for months and have a few goodies to share with visitors.

Committee member Rhonda Knights said the preparations were going well and she still welcomed all past and present residents and visitors of Stokers to enjoy the celebrations.

"The day will start at 10am with official ceremony- welcome, performances, speeches and the cutting of the cake, followed by morning tea," she said.

"We house the Honour Boards of Service women and men of our area and we would love to have them their family and friends join us on the day.

"We have done some research and have contact details from the service archives via the net but that only goes back to WW2.

"We hope the other veteran's families will join us on the day and we would love them to bring a photo or any memorabilia that we may scan or copy to hold in the historical records we will store in the hall."

Stokers Siding resident of 62 years Mavis Partridge will be there with her husband Eddie.

Mrs Partridge has many fond memories of the quaint town and hoped a lot of people would come to celebrate the hall's history.

Celebrations kick off at 10am with a welcome and then an old fashioned morning tea.

Throughout the day visitors can view historic displays and go on a historical walk.

Visitors will be asked to return to the hall at 6pm to listen to music and enjoy a fireworks display later.

The committee are requesting everyone to bring a picnic for dinner.

Hot bar snacks will be available for sale and the bar will be open from 6pm to 10pm.

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