Have you seen the Regent Cinema’s stolen red couch?
Have you seen the Regent Cinema’s stolen red couch? supplied

Stolen couch still a mystery

MANY sightings of the Murwillumbah Regent Cinema's notorious stolen red couch have been reported.

An unidentified airport's security camera system even captured it (pictured) as part of a flash mob.

The Regent's manager Deborah Flannery admitted the picture was actually a creation by her sister Erin who is a graphic designer.

Ms Flannery said despite the serious nature of any theft, many joke sightings had been reported that kept with the light-hearted reaction to the incident.

"We still haven't received a definite idea of its location," she said.

"We might need a replacement."

She was delayed on the night of the incident, March 9 at about 8pm, as she awaited her Japanese dish across the road from the cinema.

It was then the culprit or culprits pounced and removed the red, retro, vinyl, three-seater, heavy wooden framed couch from the cinema's foyer.

The couch was only bought from the Salvation Army in November last year and its theft created a mystery of relaxed proportions around town.

"So many people saw the article," Ms Flannery said.

"It was actually really quite interesting, as quite a few were from our older clientele.

"(They were) ladies in their 50s and 60s with iPads; up-to-date with technology."

Ms Flannery said the $35 second-hand lounge was "more sentimental than worth a lot".

"We would like it back," she said.

"It would be lovely if it was returned and there would be no questions asked, and we might even give away a double pass.

"But at the same time if the people who took it have photos of the couch in a nice spot, then they can send them in."

She said the three-seater had gathered some fame during its occupation of the cinema's foyer, which led to the light-hearted outrage in response to its disappearance.

"We've never had something stolen like this before," Ms Flannery said.

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