Clay Robert Healey has been sentenced in the Lismore District Court.
Clay Robert Healey has been sentenced in the Lismore District Court.

’STOP USING DRUGS’: Judge’s stern advice to offender

A GRAFTON MAN has been sentenced for his involvement in moving alleged stolen goods taken from a construction yard.

Clay Robert Healey, 23, pleaded guilty in Lismore District Court on Wednesday to being an accessory after the fact.

The court heard Healey was called upon by his two co-accused, Aaron Raymond Godwin, 40, and James Cook, 36, also from Grafton, to assist with loading the alleged stolen goods from a park next to the NJ Constructions site in South Grafton in June 2018.

The police became aware of Healey's involvement in the incident after a strike force team wiretapped Mr Cook's phone in relation to separate allegations against Mr Cook.

Mr Cook allegedly contacted Healey to provide a vehicle and was directed to arrive at Glenwood Tourist Park, to park next to Mr Cook's car and not to shine his lights, the court heard.

Once he arrived and parked next to Mr Cook's vehicle, Healey helped Mr Cook and Mr Godwin load goods the pair had allegedly stolen, including copper wire, into both vehicles.

Later, Healey asked Mr Cook for "some gear and coin" for his efforts in helping move the goods, the court heard

Judge Dina Yehia said she accepted Healey was not aware that he was moving stolen goods until he arrived at NJ constructions.

She also found Healey had any role in the planning of the incident.

The court heard Healey, who is currently serving a community corrections order for a separate matter, has not been able to access the full support available by the community corrections office because of Public Health Orders restricting officers from performing a number of in-person tasks.

Healey said in an affidavit presented to the court he had a long history with drug use.

Judge Yehia ordered Healey to seek counselling in order to continue his rehabilitation.

"You can do well when you stop using drugs, you can maintain a job, you just have to stop relapsing," she said.

He was convicted and sentenced to a two-year community corrections order.

Mr Godwin is scheduled to defend a charge of aggravated break-and-enter involving theft of more than $60,000 worth of goods before Grafton District Court from May 20 next year.

Mr Cook is appearing before Grafton Local Court next week for further mention.

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