Street parade 'will return'

THE much-missed Speed On Tweed street parade will be back next year, event organisers have promised.

Confusion reigned last weekend as to whether or not the parade of classic cars along Murwillumbah streets would commence as stated on the online calendar of events - but it never did.

Event director Steve Blow said while there were some “teething problems” running the event at the same time as the rally, there was never any intention for the parade to take place this year.

“It has all been blown out of proportion. The parade was never actually scheduled,” Mr Brow explained.

He said a website malfunction led the public to believe the parade was on, but he said the information was left over from last year's online guide and should have been removed.

“There is a fair bit of confusion about what happened, but from my point of view it was not an issue, we never intended to do it in the first place.”

Mr Brow said part of the reason the parade was canned was because of the extra complications caused by running Speed on Tweed at the same time as Repco Rally Australia.

He said the parade would definitely be back next year, and with the benefit of experience it could also be worked back into the schedule of the combined event in 2011.

“People would have liked to see it back on, but with what was happening with the rally, we had to look at the future and reschedule it,” Mr Brow said.

“With next year's event to go back to the festival atmosphere, we will be able to get the cars back on the street over the course of the event.

“When the rally comes back, we will obviously need to accommodate both the rally and Speed on Tweed.”

Mr Brow added he was not sure if he would be involved in next year's event.

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