Police are assault targets.
Police are assault targets.

Sunshine Coast police spat upon

TWO Sunshine Coast police officers will undergo disease testing after blood stained spittle was allegedly spat in their faces early this morning.

Police were called to Hasting Street around 1.30 where they were confronted with groups of people fighting in the street.

It is alleged that during the mêlée, two men spat blood into the face of two officers, a constable and senior constable.

Several police units were called to assist and 10 people were arrested for various offences including public nuisance, obstruct police and possession of a dangerous drug.

A 21-year-old Sunrise Beach man has been charged with one count each of serious assault police and obstruct police. He has been bailed to appear in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court tomorrow.

News of the incident sparked a flurry of posts on Facebook in support of the police.

"People have honestly got to get a life and stop trying to prove they are so tough....absolutely pathetic!,'' one post said.

"What type of animal spits on another person? Like how disgustin hope both officers are disease free n safe,'' another wrote.

Another suggested bringing in hoods for offenders so they had no chance of infecting police.

"I bet if something happened to these two idiots, they wouldn't think twice to call on the police for help and when that happens I wish the police could say no suffer. Karma.''

Numerous posts said the penalties for assaults on police were not enough.

"These people know they can get away with this rubbish. Court systems let us down in Australia Constantly. Slap on wrist, community service, probabation etc. They dont get hard time in a cell.

"They do all of this behaviour and acts like Robbery, Looting etc cause they know what little punishement they are going to get.

"Then they will be free to go it all over again.....and the circle repeats itself.....Magistrates get paid the big bucks to do a job, if they cant then find another occupation.''


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