US voice actor Trina Nishimura will be at Supanova on the Gold Coast next month.
US voice actor Trina Nishimura will be at Supanova on the Gold Coast next month. Contributed

Supanova ‘safe place’ for fans

TRINA Nishimura first got into watching anime to impress a boy at college.

Back then, when she pretended to be familiar with one of his favourite shows and binge-watched it to impress him, she hadn’t anticipated ending up as the voice of iconic characters in well-loved animations.

Nishimura will visit the Gold Coast next month for Supanova.

The American talent has been involved in too many productions to list, but recently dominated the limelight for voicing the Attack on Titan female lead Mikasa Ackerman.

“It’s a really fun show to work on,” she said.

“It’s really funny, and it’s heartbreaking.”

She said the four-month recording stint for Season One of Attack on Titan was a “whirlwind” experience and found Mikasa Ackerman to be a challenging, but enjoyable character to voice.

“Working on it was certainly challenging, and also cathartic,” she said.

“The screams were great.”

Nishimura said whenever she was stuck in traffic, she was able to bottle up her frustration for the studio.

Nishimura began working with her local theatre company when she was just nine years old.

After high school, she planned to go to law school, but through a college student’s desperation for money, found herself on another path.

“A friend of mine told me about an audition at Funimation,” she said.

She got the gig with the hope of helping to cover college costs, but it didn’t take long for her love of voice acting to flourish.

“I wasn’t a really big anime fan (as a kid) because I was a theatre nerd, but my brother’s always been a massive anime fan,” she said. After binge-watching an anime series to impress a fellow college student, she was hooked.

“It’s a fun genre and I feel it can achieve things other genres just can’t,” she said.

While she looked forward to meeting fans, Nishimura also loved the culture of acceptance at Supanova.

“When I was younger being a nerd wasn’t cool,” she said.

“I like that now there’s a safe place... there’s very little judgment, very little drama and everybody’s always having a great time. It’s a way to know there are people out there that are your brand of weird.”

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