Mike Knott

Support for national domestic violence order recognition

BOTH sides of New South Wales politics have thrown support behind a plan to set up a national domestic violence order scheme.

The Council of Australian Governments decision would ensure domestic violence orders issued in one state would be valid across the entire country.

Now NSW Labor has announced its own backing for the program after all heads of states gave it in-principle support at a COAG meeting on Friday.


The state's Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Jodie Harrison, said staggering levels of domestic violence meant Australia could not afford to wait to act.

"It is important that this is the first step, and not the only step, towards greater co-operation in addressing domestic violence," she said.

"The latest BOCSAR crime report has regrettably confirmed that domestic violence related assaults across NSW have risen by 2.7% over the past five years.

"Last year alone, there were 29,070 recorded cases of domestic violence in NSW, up from 28,423 in 2013.

"This agreement between Labor and Liberal State Governments is a reassuring symbol that all sides of politics are willing to work together towards the goal of preventing domestic violence."

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