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Sauer win leads to V8 start

IT'S a long way to the top to get a title for Pottsville race driver Michael Sauer who won the AMCA Northern Territory Titles in Darwin.

Slippery, dry conditions in Darwin made the victory that much harder for Sauer, who has since moved up a class to now race V8 modifieds.

Sauer debuted his new car in Brisbane last Saturday in the Dirt Modifieds and gained an impressive podium result of third place.

Having always wanted to race in the V8 Dirt modifieds division, he wasn't sure how long off his goal would be, but fortunately for Sauer things continually seem to be going his way.

“I wasn't sure when I'd be able to move up a class, but luckily for me the right car came a long at the right price, so I jumped at the chance,” he said.

The right car in question has a 360 Chevrolet motor with 600 horsepower and averages about 100kph or 13.5 seconds per 400-metre lap.

Conditions at Brisbane also were not ideal, as water restrictions meant the track was dry and slippery.

Sauer was originally in second place but hit the fence with only four laps to go and was overtaken by another driver, leaving him to finish in third position.

Despite his success, Sauer said he would have been happy to just qualify.

He received another lucky break in the fact that an official let him start in the pack, rather at the rear, where most new drivers start.

“One of the officials came up to me and said 'I'm putting you in the pack because I think you have some good control. I'm sticking my neck out for you so don't stuff up'. Afterwards I came up to him and asked, 'Is this okay?' That was after coming third.”

Not one to let the success go to his head, Sauer knows that a lot of work needs to be done in preparation for the Australian titles on Jan- uary 1.

Sauer's next race will take place on October 17 in Grafton in the Dirt Modifieds division. Here's hoping his good fortune continues.

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