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Taylor Swift denies Twitter hackers 'nude pictures' claim

TAYLOR  Swift has responded to hackers apparently claiming to have nude pictures of the star with the defiant message: "Have fun photoshopping cause you got NOTHING".

The singer's Twitter and Instagram accounts appeared to have been hacked overnight by users affiliated with the group Lizard Squad.

Messages were posted from both accounts and retweeted thousands of times before being removed.

Swift addressed the hack to her 51.4 million Twitter followers with the mocking tweet: "Cause the hackers gonna hack, hack, hack, hack, hack."

The 25-year-old also thanked her friend Hayley Williams, lead singer of the band Paramore, for being the first to warn that her accounts had been compromised.

Her third tweet suggested those responsible had threatened to release nude pictures of her - a claim Swift wasted no time in clearing up.

The hackers also allegedly posted a screenshot of Swift's private messages, which only served to cement her squeaky-clean reputation.

Lizard Squad first came to attention in August when they hacked Playstation, causing a shutdown of the network and the emergency diversion of a commercial airliner carrying one of the company's executives.

One of the messages on Swift's Twitter account told users to follow the now-suspended @lizzard account. That user's Twitter biography described them as a "leader of Lizard Squad".

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