Teacher pleads guilty to molesting second child

A FORMER Ipswich teacher has had 12 months added to a four-year jail sentence after pleading guilty to molesting a second student at St Edmund's College.

Luke Euthimios Margaritis, aged about 25 back in 1994, took advantage of a 15-year-old student while school was his sanctuary from a dysfunctional home life and he was exploring his sexuality.

He invited the boy to his home and gave him "a big cone" of marijuana which made him feel sick.

Crown prosecutor Sarah Dennis told Brisbane District Court on Wednesday the boy remembered a pornographic video playing before Margaritis, now 45, removed his lower clothing.

She said oral acts were performed until the boy felt sick again and felt the acts were "wrong".

Ms Dennis said the boy fell asleep and was told he would be killed if he told anyone when he was later driven home.

She said the actions were a gross breach of trust and flew in the face of his responsibility as a teacher to protect students' welfare.

The court heard Margaritis was already serving a four-year sentence for molesting a fellow student, aged 13-14 years, several times in 1995.

In that instance he would give the boy alcohol and the drug amyl nitrite, an inhalant which affects consciousness and cognition.

The boy was then forced to watch pornographic films with his teacher and perform sexual acts on him.

The full-time release date for that offending is March 12, 2017.

Defence barrister Scott Lynch said his client had been a model citizen in prison and had been abused as a child.

He said Margaritis had struggled with what happened to him as a child for the majority of his life and on one occasion attempted to take his own life.

Judge Brendan Butler sentenced Margaritis to one extra year which must be served cumulative to his other sentence.

"(The boy) has given a victim impact statement which indicates he has struggled in later life and attributes the reason for that, in part, to what occurred between the two of you," he said.

"It may well be your taking advantage of the vulnerable young man has had adverse impacts on his life.

"You should understand that as what happened to you as a child has had an impact on your life."

Margaritis will now be eligible for parole on July 13, 2015.

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