DISTURBING footage of a Walloon high school student almost being hit by an express passenger train travelling at 100kmph has been released by Queensland Rail.

The shocking footage was captured late last month and shows a student dashing across the Walloon Train Station’s rail tracks as two on coming trains approach.

The student does not see the train to his left and is almost hit as he just makes it to the other side, less than half a second before the train screams past his back.

The footage has been released by Queensland Rail (QR) to highlight the increasing problem of people ignoring closed gates and warning lights to dash across train tracks.

A QR spokeswoman says incidents similar to those in the footage occur on a weekly basis on the Ipswich line.

Ipswich West MP Wayne Wendt says signage and security gates at the Walloon station are adequate.

"I have never received a complaint or heard of any complaint regarding the level crossing at Walloon station," Mr Wendt says.

"I think this guy is absolutely silly.

"Queensland Rail has spent a lot of money on improving level crossings but people are still not paying attention."

QR Passenger Executive General Manager, Paul Scurrah, says the actions of the pedestrians involved are extremely disappointing, with every near miss having a devastating impact on train drivers.

"Had either of these people slipped or fallen there is no way the train could have avoided hitting them," Mr Scurrah says.

"It is unthinkable someone would deliberately endanger their lives, and the lives of others, by running in front of a moving train."

"These people are trying to outrun trains which travel quickly and quietly and weigh more than 400 tonnes. It is only luck these incidents didn’t result in a more serious and tragic outcome.

QR train driver, Michael Thornes, says he struggles to understand why anyone wants to run in front of a train, just to save a matter of seconds.
"When I am driving a train at 60 or 80kmph it can take me hundreds of metres to stop," Mr Thornes says.

"The worst part about a near miss is knowing there isn’t much I can do but apply the emergency brakes and just wait for the bang."

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