Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus

Teen arrested after love note left in Miley's dressing room

A FAN of Miley Cyrus was arrested last week in Omaha, Nebraska, after he crept into her dressing room and left her a note.

Tucker Salvensen, 18, was detained by police on March 6 on suspicion of misdemeanour criminal trespassing after he walked into a restricted area backstage at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha.

The teenager, who was allegedly caught on camera committing the crime, messaged Miley on Twitter claiming he'd left a note in her dressing room with his phone number and Twitter handle attached.

According to the police report, Tucker's note to Miley, 21, read: "I snuck back here I need to meet you. You have helped me so much your music has given me all the answers I was looking for when my heart got broke ... we went through the same thing @ the same time ... Miley I love you!!! Please let me meet you. (sic)"

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However, Tucker reportedly told law enforcement officers after his arrest that he'd obtained a VIP pass from a truck driver on the tour and thought the ticket gave him access to the entire building.

He claims he walked past a number of CenturyLink Center employees on his way to the dressing room and no one stopped to question him, according to KETV NewsWatch 7.

CenturyLink Center bosses told police that the VIP passes only allow access to certain areas of the building and do not include the restricted areas where Miley's dressing room was located.

Meanwhile, Tucker missed the concert in Omaha due to his arrest, but has already purchased tickets for another show next month.

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