Young woman used as "bait" to lead delivery man into ambush

A TEENAGER who was "bait" for three juveniles to hold up a pizza delivery man last year has been granted parole.

Ellen Louise Burgess, 18, pleaded guilty to armed robbery in company and unlawful use of a motor vehicle in the Ipswich District Court yesterday.

Last year on June 1 Burgess was with a group of friends, one as young as 12, who ordered $50 worth of pizzas to a Leichhardt address.

When the 31-year-old delivery driver appeared Burgess met him and claimed she had ordered far less pizza from another company.

She led him to a house on Aspinall St where she said they'd sort it out. When he reached the top of the stairs, two youths appeared at the bottom.

One was armed with a metal bar, and the other with a metre long tree branch.

They told him to give them the money he had and the keys to his car. The pair took $250 from him and drove away in his car.

Burgess then let the driver into the house to call the police.

The two boys returned with the car after the police left and Burgess went joy riding with them.

Judge Gregory Koppenol said Burgess had acted as "bait" and put the driver in a vulnerable position.

She was sentenced to nine months prison for armed robbery in company and three months imprisonment for unlawful use of a motor vehicle, with a parole release date of 4pm yesterday.

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