Teen hits his pregnant ex in stomach over missing jumper

A TEENAGER who struck his pregnant ex-girlfriend in the stomach has had a taste of what's to come if he doesn't change his behaviour.

The 18-year-old appeared at Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on Thursday via video link from Maryborough Correctional Centre.

He spent 16 days in jail after being arrested for a spate of crimes committed between April 6 and June 9, including trashing his mother's house and spray-painting 'f--k the police' on a wall inside a Hervey Bay private school.

The court heard his destructive behaviour started in early April with a string of stealing offences.

On April 3 he stole two Nike shirts from a Hervey Bay department store by removing the security tags in the change room and concealing the shirts before leaving.

Then on April 23, the man confronted his ex-girlfriend inside a fast-food restaurant and demanded she return his jumper.

Police prosecutor Louese McConnell said the man followed the woman after she left the restaurant in fear and ran towards a shopping centre.

Ms McConnell said the man chased the woman and her friends, and confronted her again about the missing jumper.

"When she said she didn't have it, he threw a cup of water at her face, knocking the sunglasses off her and causing her to drop her mobile phone," Ms McConnell said.

"The respondent then struck the aggrieved in her belly.

"It was unknown how he struck her, however the aggrieved told police she immediately felt pain in her stomach.

"At the time the aggrieved was 35 weeks' pregnant with the respondent's child."

The court heard bystanders intervened until the man left and police arrived.

On May 15, the man stole three bottles of liquor worth $133.50 from a Hervey Bay drive-through bottle shop.

Ms McConnell said the man grabbed the bottles from the counter and fled when he couldn't provide identification.

On the same day, the man punched multiple holes in the hallway cupboard and bathroom doors of his mother's house.

The court heard he suffered two broken hands from the incident.

At 2.30pm on June 6, the man stole a wallet from a car that was parked outside a construction site.

Between Friday, June 7, and Sunday, June 9, the man broke into a Hervey Bay private school with a co-offender, where they graffitied a wall with a black marker.

Ms McConnell said the men wrote 'f--k the police, FTP and get slack' on the classroom walls.

She said the men stole nine laptops, an iPad and a storage unit, which were worth about $8500, from the Year 6 classroom.

On June 11 the man was arrested and taken to Hervey Bay watch house.

He was transferred to Maryborough Correctional Centre where he stayed until his release on June 27.

Defence lawyer Harry Morris said his client's experience in jail "gave him a taste of what's to come if he does not stay on the straight and narrow".

Mr Morris said his client didn't intend to strike his ex-girlfriend in the stomach, rather it was an accident when he bent down to pick up her phone.

Magistrate Graham Tatnell told the man he hoped his stint in jail was enough to realise he was an adult and the courts would treat him as such.

The man pleaded guilty to all charges including breaching a domestic violence order, wilful damage and enter premises and commit an indictable offence.

He was convicted and sentenced to 200 hours' community service, fined $1600 and ordered to pay $133.50 restitution.

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